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Microfibre Cloth Care

Your microfiber drying towel, wash mitts and other microfibre cloths require regularly care and maintenance to keep the fabric as new. By doing this, it helps maximise the effectiveness of the cloths and retain that same softness, absorbency and use for months to come. By maintaining your cloths, you also remove any contaminants, dust, dirt and debris they have picked up during your last wash, detail or dust removal.

What We Offer

Our range of Microfibre Wash Care Detergents include;

  • GYEON Towel Wash – A liquid detergent that contains no bleach or fabric softeners, cleaning cloths safely and effectively
  • Mint Car Wash – A powerful formula that breaks down dirt, oils and chemicals that have become embedded deep in the fibres

Contact us today for more information about washing and caring for your microfibre cloths & drying towels.