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  1. Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt
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Car Wash Mitts

Use a quality Microfibre or Lambswool Wash Mitt to avoid risk of damaging your paintwork during the washing process. A premium dense microfibre or wool wash mitt will encapsulate any dirt and release it back to your wash bucket without the chance of marring your car’s paint when washing. Using microfibre or lambswool wash mitts for cars is the safest way to wash your car!

The Highest Quality Microfibre Wash Mitts

Our wash mitts for cars are renowned for having the highest quality fibres and delivering the very best results for the most fastidious enthusiast and professional detailer. Our range includes the Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt that’s handmade from genuine Merino wool, the popular GYEON Smoothie (an ultra-soft dense microfibre pile mitt that effectively and gently glides over the surface to remove contaminants and dirt safely) and our Mint Uber Microfibre and Noodle Wash Mitts, which easily and safely remove dirt and debris from your car’s paintwork without the risk of wash swirls.

Get in touch with our team today for friendly advice on which Micro Noodle Mitt or other option is best for your car’s paint.