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Microfiber & Foam Car Applicator Pads for Polishes and Waxes

Do you need to apply a leather conditioner, maybe a car wax, tyre dressing, or even car polish? At Car Care Products Australia, we offer a variety of car polish applicator pads, wax applicator pads, microfiber applicator pads and foam applicator pads. All of our car applicator pads can be used on your car’s paintwork without risk of damaging the paint’s surface during the application and protection process.

For more information on our extensive range of the best wax applicator pads in Australia, which includes our first-rate foam, polish and microfiber wax applicator pads, get in touch with our team today.

Super Soft & High-Quality Car Applicator Pads

Our foam applicator pads and wax applicator pads are made from the softest and highest quality foam and microfiber. This not only makes them easy to grip and hold evenly, but also prevents scratching or marking the paint, leather or any delicate surfaces of your car. Apply a wax, sealant, glaze or polish, or even use for your interior for leather cleaning, conditioning or protection. Check out our full range of foam, polish and microfiber wax applicator pads today to see what we offer.

Why You Should Use Car Applicator Pads

It’s common for people to use rags and old clothes to apply cleaning products to their car. However, using a fabric that isn’t microfiber can risk damaging your car’s surface, as the fabric won’t distribute the liquid evenly and will also have a thin and rough surface. Microfiber applicator pads are specifically designed to evenly distribute, have minimal effect on the car’s surface, and be easier for users to hold on to.

How to Use Car Applicator Pads 

  1. Apply a small amount of product in a thin line down the centre of the car wax applicator sponge.
  2. Fold the sponge in half to make sure the product is spread evenly.
  3. Apply product as instructed on the product label.
  4. After use, wash the car wax applicator sponge in warm water and APC and allow it to air dry. Do not leave it in direct sunlight.


Contact Us Today for Premium Car Applicator Pads 

Contact us on 1300 006 007 or by sending an email to to enquire about which microfiber, polish or foam wax applicator pads are most suitable to use on your car. If you prefer, you can also visit one of our showrooms to see all the types of car applicator pads we stock in person.