RUPES Yellow Polishing Pad (LHR21E) 180mm

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The Rupes Yellow 180mm Polishing Pad is specifically designed for use with the Rupes LHR21ES Bigfoot Polisher only. The Yellow Polishing pad is best used with Menzerna PF2500 or Bigfoot Keramik Gloss to remove medium to moderate paint imperfections, oxidation, holograms, swirls and 2500 grit wet sand marks. This Yellow Pad is the perfect one step buffing pad and is safe to use on all clear coats, gel-coats and other painted surfaces. Suits: Rupes LHR21ES Bigfoot Polisher (155mm Backing / 180mm Pad Diameter) RUPES Buffing Pads Colour Chart: Blue = Compounding / Cutting / Heavy Polishing

Green = Light Compounding / Light Cutting / Medium Polishing

Yellow = Polishing / One Step

White = Finishing

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