RUPES Swirl Finder LED Pen Light

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The Rupes Swirl Finder Pen Light is an essential accessory for an detailer or enthusiast polishing their car. It is a very high quality penlight that shows all the swirl marks, scratches, holograms and general imperfections in your paintwork. Real sunlight shows every blemish and mark in the paint, but unfortunately this is hard to come by when you are polishing in your garage so the Rupes Swirl Finder Pen Light is the next best thing – it is small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use to find. The Rupes Pen Light features an extremely bright LED bulb of 140 lumens and an adjustable focus length, allowing larger or smaller areas to be viewed and assessed easily, combined with a clip for safe storage in your short or trouser pocket. When polishing ‘real light’ is your friend and will allow you to see true results – rather than spending hours polishing away only to reveal loads of holograms or imperfections in your paint after putting the car out in the sunlight. Do not take that risk; with Rupes Pen Light you can check every section after you have polished it ensuring perfect results in any light as you progress. Swirl marks, marring, holograms or any other imperfections in the paint will be shown up easily, giving you the truth before possibly wasting a lot of time.

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