Duragloss Rubber Bumper & Trim Dressing 236mL

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Duragloss Rubber Bumper & Trim Dressing DG271 is formulated to restore and protect the original finish and gloss of rubber, plastic and exterior trim surfaces. Once coated it dries to a durable finish that will not wash off.

This dressing contains a blend of polymeric synthetic polymers that cleans and shines rubber bumpers, moldings and exterior trim, and is also recommended for large flat black surfaces.

Car Care Products Australia Review

One of very few products that actually work on exterior window surround rubbers, plastic valances and other rubber/plastic parts on your vehicle including wiper shrouds.

Only a small amount is needed on an applicator to get started.

Wash and dry the surface to be treated. Apply a small amount with a foam applicator pad or cloth and lightly work into the surface. Allow to dry then buff with a second cloth for added gloss.

If your trim is very faded or old it will probably need 2-3 applications, please leave at least 3-4 hours between each application (ideally 12hours) for full absorption to take place and then finish with a microfibre cloth. This will ensure maximum results and better durability.

It is always advised to clean or detail your car in cool, shady conditions – out of direct sunlight.

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