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The new DA-L21 (21mm) Random Orbital Polisher is an innovative tool from the makers of the well-respected DAS6 and DAS6-Pro. This new RO or Dual Action Polisher has an orbit of 21mm which provides a much wider throw than before to maximise polishing ability.

The DA-L21 RO Polisher now leads its class with 900W of power, and combined with the 21mm orbit offers significant correcting ability on even the hardest paints. This power is delivered smoothly through an electronic control that maintains constant speed therefore providing consistent polishing results.

The all new design features an ergonomic handle with soft rubber grip and new nose handle again with a soft rubber grip to allow the operator to polish comfortably and ensuring good feedback.

The DA-L21 RO Polisher comes with a Soft Start feature guaranteeing a smooth acceleration up to speed which helps to prevent ‘sling’ of polishes, and the well positioned variable control offers a variable speed setting to easily control the torque and speed.

The larger Random Orbital motion is safe and ideal for consistent polishing results without holograms or buffer trails for professionals and enthusiasts alike, thus requiring a lower level of skill to operate successfully versus a conventional Rotary style polisher. The 21mm DA-L21 RO Dual Action Polisher is suited for most vehicles especially ones that have larger contoured panels, bigger vehicles or boats and anyone wanting to step up their polishing time.

For more intricate areas and contoured vehicles Car Care Products suggest the use of the DAS6 or DAS6 Pro RO Polishers with a more well suited 8mm orbit, and potential of a 4" pad that will allow easier access to these harder-to-reach areas.

Please choose carefully on which polisher is right for you. If you are not sure, please read further information on our “Which Polisher is right for me?” here or contact us via email or phone for further advice.

This DA-L21 Polisher comes with a 1 Year Warranty for manufacturing defects.

While this machine is bigger and more powerful than the one in the video, the setup and use are the same.


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