Duragloss Rinseless Wash 473mL

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The new Duragloss Rinseless Wash (RW) is a very versatile product that offers solutions to washing your car without having to use lots of water, as a spray detailer and even a waterless wash. You can effectively wash your car using only 10 litres of water, which makes this a great product for all those that are limited to washing the car in basements, garages or who do not have access to a hose.

The high technology formula of Rinseless Wash captures the dirt with a lubricating Polymer, which reduces the chance of marring or scratching during the washing process. And with added Aquawax this product also adds protection or increases the durability of your existing sealant or wax, as it washes!

You can also use Rinseless Wash as a 'Waterless Wash Spray' simply add 75-100ml in a 500ml bottle and then fill with water and shake well. This can be sprayed onto a section and wiped clean with a soft microfibre to lightly cleanse, add extra gloss and protection. 

Just add 3 caps (20ml) per 5 litres of water and mix well. (For very dirty increase to 40ml per 5 litres.) Then take a soft microfibre mitt and wash a small section at a time, rinsing the mitt well after each section. For even better results, use a Grit Guard in the bottom of the bucket.

Follow straight after with a soft waffle weave drying towel to complete the section, leaving a glossy finish.

As with most car care, wash in a cool shady or covered area – never wash when the car is hot.

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