Dodo Juice Red Mist - Protection Detailer 250mL

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Red Mist – Protection Detailer provides improved gloss and depth whilst adding extra protection and beading. This is more of a synthetic spray sealant, which is designed to fortify existing wax layers or add protection to un-coated paintwork.

Regular ‘Quick Detailers’ try to do many various jobs, however Red Mist is made to increase shine and protect, making it amazing to use after you have washed and dried your car, to give it that extra gloss and boost the protection factor.

The high performance synthetic ingredients are combined in an easy to use spray, that can be applied over the top of your favourite wax, to increase ‘wetness’ and durability or direct to unprotected paintwork, to offer a truly deep shine and instant protection.

This Red Mist is the Tropical version which has been especially developed for the hotter climates of the world, with slightly slower drying times to ensure good workability.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Simply spray onto clean and dry paintwork and wipe over with a high quality microfibre cloth.

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