Gyeon Q2M Cure 250mL

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Gyeon Q2M Cure has been formulated to be the ultimate maintenance product for quartz, glass and ceramic coatings, it has been designed to be used either on wet or dry services after washing your car.

This spray sealant will enhance the gloss of the paint/coating, add further hydrophobicity to your existing Gyeon coating, and also leave a super-slick finish on the surface. It has a high concentration of SiO2 so provides a good ‘booster’ to coatings or can even be used on uncoated paints for a quick-fix.

With regular use Gyeon Cure can also reduce the risk of waterspots or staining forming and etching into the paintwork. A single application of Gyeon Q2M Cure can offer 6-8 weeks of protection along with a good boost of gloss and shine.

Please note: Cure is suited for Glass, Quartz and Ceramic coatings only – not suited for regular waxes and polymer sealants.

Wash your car with Bathe or Bathe+ using the 2 Bucket Method. Dry your car with a soft microfibre waffle weave drying towel.

Shake Gyeon Q2M Cure well and apply a light mist over a half to one panel at a time. Wipe over immediately with a soft quality microfibre cloth, to spread product very thinly.

Then either flip your cloth over, or take a second cloth, and buff off any excess product to reveal a streak-free, super-slick finish.

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