Gyeon Q2M Compound Plus 1 Litre

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Gyeon Quartz Q²M COMPOUND+ offers more bite than Gyeon Compound and is ideally suited to harder paints including ceramic paints such as found on European makes. Compound+ offers a safe yet effective way to quickly & easily remove 1500 sanding marks, scratches, marring, oxidation and still retain a high gloss finish on most paint types.

Q2M Compound+ is water-based, low-dusting, silicone-free, contains no fillers and is made from the highest quality Japanese abrasives. This compound delivers excellent results on all paint types and in some instances can be used as a single-step polishes.

Apply to a cutting pad on your dual action or rotary polisher, spread at low speed as per normal and use a medium-to-high speed for correction. The use of Gyeon Q2M Polish after to achieve maximum gloss, depth and clarity from paintwork is recommended.

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