Gyeon Q2M Coarse Clay Bar 100g

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Gyeon Q2M Coarse Clay Bar is step one in preparation of your paintwork before application of any GYEON Coating. This is the most effective way to remove all types of surface contaminants from your automotive paint, and is safe to use on all types of paintwork including fibreglass gel coat and glass surfaces.

This 100g Clay Bar will gently remove contaminants from the surface to prepare for the coating process. A cost efficient coarse grade clay bar that will last a long time and can be stored back in its original tin packaging for later use.

GYEON recommend using a approved Clay Lubricant or Gyeon Prep in combination with this clay bar for best results.

Suitable for vehicles who have not been maintained and require a thorough decontamination before application of paint protection.

Use your Gyeon Clay Bar with Gyeon Iron or a quality Clay Lubricant, this will ensure the life of your clay and of course avoid any chance of marring the paintwork during the clay process.

After washing your car, and determining that you need to clay bar the vehicle, mould the clay in your hand and flatten it to a size roughly half  your palm size.

Spray the panel with your choice of Clay Lubricant ensuring good coverage and then using even and straight movements gently glide the clay over the section you are working on. When you feel resistance check that you have sufficient lubricant and that the clay isn't full of contaminents.

If the clay surface gets covered in dirt and surface contaminents simply fold it in half to a new section and reflatten it out and continue on with your section.

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