Gyeon Q2 Syncro 50ml

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Gyeon Quartz Q² Syncro is a multi-layer ceramic coating system designed to not only enhance and protect your paintwork for years, but add further gloss, add super-hydrophobic properties and protect your paint against environmental fallout.

Q²Syncro offers incredible slickness, amazing hydrophobic properties, whilst Q² Skin is a thick, durable and flexible top coating, offering great self-cleaning abilities offering not only true Ceramic Paint Protection that can be applied in your own home that lasts up to 2 years+ but also provide easy on-going maintenance and care.

This kit contains everything for application such as application suede cloths, application blocks, Q² Syncro coating, Q² Skin top coating, Q²M Cure and application manual.

We highly recommend that Q² Syncro is only suitable for advanced enthusiasts who previously have experience with Quartz Ceramic coatings, and professional Detailers.

Specifications: 3-4 layer coating, layering required Consuption: 50ml + 30ml (Average size vehicle) Hardness: 9H Contact Angle: >120’ PH Tolerance: 2-11 Thickness: 0,2-0,5qm Durability: >24 months / 35K km

Not interested in applying this yourself? Feel free to email CCP and we can help you find an Gyeon Certified Detailer / Applicator in your City that offers a Professional Series of Coatings that can last up to 5+ years!

For best results: The use of Gyeon Prep Surface Cleaner is a MUST before any Gyeon Coating application

Ensure your car is clean, dry and free from contamination; so wash thoroughly and dry.

Clay your car if required prior and use Gyeon Prep to remove all traces of old wax, polish or oils with a new good quality microfibre cloth. It is highly recommended to use a good surface cleaner such as Gyeon Prep before application of any Gyeon Coating.

Apply as per instructions; using the applicator and suede on a small section at a time, wiping off straight away. Check your work as you go for any smears or residue - we always suggest taking a second microfibre cloth as a final wipedown after you have finished the whole panel.

Allow to cure before moving to the second/final coating, then repaeat a similar process.

Once both products are applied; allow a minimum of 12 hours inside before driving or getting wet. And a full week before washing your car.

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