Gyeon Q2 Rim Kit 30ml & Prep Kit

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Gyeon Q2 Rim Kit 30ml & Prep Kit
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Gyeon Quartz Q2 Rim Protection Kit is a highly advanced quartz coating that has been specially designed and formulated to withstand extreme high temperatures (up to 350°C) and strong wheel cleaning chemicals, thus making it ideal to protect your wheels, brake calipers and even exhaust tips.

Once applied the rim coating is a solid fully formed SiO2 (quartz) coating that bonds onto bare metal and painted surfaces on a molecular level, this repels dirt and brake dust making cleaning your wheels much easier, especially if you have a European car that emits a lot of brake dust.

Gyeon Rim is suitable for most rim types including clear coated (like most factory wheels), anodized, powder coated and even painted. Some guys have even used it on Polished Lips with good success which appears to reduce the frequency of re-polishing.

One of many advantages of using Gyeon Q2 Rim coating is that it contains a very high level of active ingredients which once fully cured, make it highly resistant to many types of wheel cleaning chemicals ranging from pH 2 (acidic) to pH 11 (alkaline) and resistant to the high levels of heat generated by the brakes. Generally Gyeon Rim should last 6+ months and 8,000+ kms especially if maintained with one of the ‘booster’ products like Bathe+ or Cure – that is way, way longer than any wheel wax.

With the wheels having to endure the harshest conditions on your car Q2 Rim Protection Kit is designed to shield against brake dust, dirt, debris, salt while also adding a nice layer of gloss and depth. Make your wheels much easier to clean today!

It is highly recommended to use Gyeon Prep Surface Cleaner on your wheels prior to application. Without use of a suitable cleaner the end result may vary.

For best results:

Ensure your exterior surfaces are clean, dry and free from contamination; so wash thoroughly and dry. Clay your rims if required prior and we suggest ultimate durability can be achieved with a good cleanse with Gyeon Prep to remove all traces of old wax, polish or oils.

Shake the Gyeon Rim well, take one of the applicator cloths on top of the applicator block and apply a small amount of Rim. Wipe over a section (quarter of a simple wheel) gently ensuring you pass over all the area at least twice to provide even thick coverage. Wait for 2-5 minutes depending on heat/humidity then wipe off completely with a good quality microfibre cloth. Repeat for all other sections on your wheel until gleaming. The full curing time is 24 hours during which we would not advise driving your car or getting the wheels wet.

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