Gyeon Q2 MOHS 30ml & Prep Kit

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Gyeon Q2 MOHS 30ml & Prep Kit
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GYEON quartz Q2 MOHS is one of the hardest automotive paint coatings or protections on the market based on patented Japanese technology. Combined with adding great gloss and good self-cleaning ability this coating protects your car’s paint for well over a year.

This new paint protection coating is designed to offer improved scratch resistant, especially useful for softer Asian automotive paint coatings, and even adding extra hardness to the European ones – on average MOHS will add a further 3-4H to the hardness. This means those annoying swirls and spider webbing should not occur anywhere near as much, although careful washing should still take place.

Gyeon MOHS also offers a contact angle of well over 95 degrees meaning water beads/sheets off very easily so the paint is less susceptible to water marks, it has a great self-cleaning ability after even just rain and makes washing a breeze as dirt is released form the paint much more easily.

With excellent durability, tests show that over 80% of the super hydrophobic effect still remained after 12 months, Gyeon MOHS provides optimum car protection for the person who is looking for that long-term option.

Q2 MOHS Coating from Gyeon will leave your paintwork protected and with an incredible deep, glass-like finish that is easily maintained to leave your car looking like new. This kit even comes with Gyeon Cure which is ideally used after a regular wash, adding even more gloss and ongoing protection for your car.

This Kit contains:

1x MOHS 30 or 50ml, 1x Cure 100ml, applicator set, face mask & instruction manual.

NOTE:: Once the bottle is opened, the curing process begins. Do not leave dropper attached to bottle - use screw cap as provided, and be sure to use coating within a 6-8 weeks of opening and store in a cool area away from heat or humidity.

For best results:

The use of Gyeon Prep Surface Cleaner is a MUST before any Gyeon Coating application

Ensure your car is clean, dry and free from contamination; so wash thoroughly and dry. Clay your car if required prior and use Gyeon Prep to remove all traces of old wax, polish or oils with a new good quality microfibre cloth. It is highly recommended to use a good surface cleaner such as Gyeon Prep before application of any Gyeon Coating.

Shake the Gyeon MOHS well, take one of the applicator cloths on top of the applicator block and apply a small amount of coating to it. Wipe over a section (about half a panel) gently ensuring you pass over all the area at least two to three times to provide an even thick coverage. Allow 10s-30s depending on heat/humidity the coating should be hazed, then wipe off completely with a good quality microfibre cloth. Repeat section by section for all other panels.

Ensure after 2-4 hours you apply a Second Coat. This is a must for maximum durability, gloss and shine from MOHS!

We recommend not getting the coating wet for at least 24 hours to allow it to properly cure, and not washing your car for a minimum of 7 days.

Please note we do not exchange coatings, so please choose carefully before purchase and if you’re unsure which is best suited to your requirement please feel free to call or email us any time.

It is advised that you coat your car in a cool and covered area. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

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