Gyeon Q2 Booster 30ml


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GYEON quartz Q² Booster is the most versatile top-coat product designed and formulated for all GYEON quartz coatings (or coatings outside the GYEON range). This will enhance water beading in a spectacular way, preventing fresh coatings from developing stains or waterspots whilst increasing overall durability.

Ideally applied straight after your GYEON quartz coating, (or used as a top up with any existing or GYEON quartz coating) this fluorine top-layer is very easy to use and will add an extreme hydrophobicity to the coating to prolong beading and durability by up to 12 months.

We’re not afraid to say, that Q2 Booster is the longest-lasting beading top-coat product in the world that can be used for any quartz or ceramic coatings.

  • Please note, this is not a stand-alone product; it will only work as a top-coat for previously applied coatings and offer added hydrophobic protection. This is not suitable for a top layer on waxes or polymeric sealants* only ceramic coatings.

To apply use the foam backed holder and the seude cloth to wipe a very small amount of the booster over your cleaned and preped paintwork. Wipe in cross directions to make sure you get an even coat and always wipe any possible residual off with a clean cloth before moving on to the next section.

The product will "flash" as you wipe it over the paint and leave almost zero evidence that it has been applied. so you need to pay attention to your area of work. You will feel the difference on where it has already been wiped but by then you've gone over it twice.

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