Autobrite Project 64 Protection Detailer 500mL

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Autobrite Project 32 Gloss Enhancing Spray Sealant is an incredibly easy and effective way of adding extra protection and gloss to your paint in a quick simple spray and wipe.

Project 32 has been formulated to offer a durable coating that will last up to a 4 weeks whilst offering a stunning glossy and slick finish to your paintwork.

Simple Spray and Gloss! Ideal for use over the top of most sealants and waxes to offer a boost to protection while providing that shine of a quick detailer. 

For best use, we recommend to spray a small amount on the surface and wipe with a soft microfibre cloth to a high gloss finish. Safe to use on all paint protection, waxed, or sealed paintwork including gelcoat and will add further gloss to your existing protection

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