Speciality Brands VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Polish

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VuPlex® was designed for use within the demanding Aviation industry and delivers a fast, safe, and effective solution to plastic maintenance.

Some cleaners use harsh abrasives to remove dirt and scratches. This can introduces more scratches to the surface and over time weaken the plastic through constant plastic removal. VuPlex® works in reverse to this process by penetrating the dirt and grime in the surface and adding a fine layer of filling material that leaves the surface protected and adds a lustrous finish to clear and coloured plastics and makes plastic paints gleam like new.

VuPlex cleans using safe ingredients that won’t damage plastic surfaces and applies a fine coating of wax that gives the surface protection from micro scratching. The wax acts as a hydrophobic barrier against water and other atmospheric conditions that cause aging and a break down of clarity. Static that is built up in the plastic surface and attracts other abrasive material such as dust, is controlled by VuPlex’s® anti-static properties. VuPlex® polishes to a high shine and restores the lustre and “new look” to the surface. The finish is not sticky or greasy and can be achieved in mere seconds.

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Size: 375g Aerosol

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Car Care Products Australia Review

This is an amazing cleaner for plastic including instrument panels, Perspex rear screens in race cars, headlights and clear plastic windows in convertible tops. If you use on a regular basis then it will not only clean well but also protect the plastic from the elements, well worth the small investment.

Speciality Brands VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Polish