Speciality Brands Purple Metal Polish

Purple Metal Polish is an all-round metal polish that offers amazing shine for most metals including Chrome, Stainless, Aluminium and even Brass and Copper.

This metal polish contains super fine, superior abrasives that work exceptionally fast. You do not have to rub hard like most metal polishes, Purple Metal Polish is simply applied with a soft cloth, lightly wiped over and then then wipe off to reveal a clear high shine.

As one of the easiest metal polishes to use, Purple is safe on all genuine metals, after cleaning and restoring the shine it also offers a protection on the surface afterwards to keep that finish looking great.

For best results:

Make sure the surface is free from dirt and grit. Shake the Purple Metal Polish very well.

Apply just a small amount on a soft cloth, preferably microfibre, and gently rub/wipe on the surface, until you start to to a high shine coming through the residue.

Turn your cloth over, or take a clean cloth and lightly wipe off any remaining residue.

Please note: this product should not be used on silver or gold plated metal

Size: 355ml / 12fl oz

Colour: Purple

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Car Care Products Australia Review

This has to be one of our favourite Metal & Alloy Polishes! The mirror shine that Purple Metal Polish leaves is by far one of the best we have seen.

Safe to use on all Chrome, Alloy, Polished Metals on Motorbikes, Cars, Boats and even at home. You definitely won't be disappointed from the result this product can do!

Customer Reviews
  • By Danny Rajamae on 09.01.2015

    excellent product easy to apply and use. I used on my stainless steel exhaust was heavily stained when purchased but brought it back to a shine even the inside of tips were blinding in the sunlight.

  • By Phil on 19.10.2011

    My new go-to metal polish. Works well on chrome like many sort of do, but the real test is polished stainless steel. This does work well with minimal effort and no scouring. Liquid feels more creamy than gritty. Put others onto it and they agree it works well.

Speciality Brands Purple Metal Polish
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