Speciality Brands Nano Sanding Pack

This pack is perfect for removing small scratches, marks and re-finishing touch ups. You get the Nano sanding block and 10 sanding discs. The Nano Sanding Discs are ultra smooth wet and dry abrasive paper, that are designed to stick onto the Nano Sanding Block via a micro Velcro.

The block has both a solid side for flat surfaces and a slightly padded side for ridges and angles. It is comfortable to hold and made from high quality aluminium.

The discs are made to suit the block and the perfect size for all areas of the car. They come in ultra fine grades of 5 × 1500 and 5 × 2000 grit.

Pieces: 11 Pieces

Misc: 5 x 2000 Grit discs & 5 x 1500 Grit discs

Available: Delivered or Sydney Pick Up ONLY

Car Care Products Australia Review

The perfect tool for any detailer or serious enthusiast. The discs attach securely to the block and work amazingly to safely remove scratches and re-finish the surface after touching up stone chips.

Speciality Brands Nano Sanding Pack
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