Speciality Brands California Car Duster

The Original California Car Duster Is perfect for safely removing light dust from your car; after it has been sitting in the garage, before putting on a car cover, or arriving at a show.

This large duster uses the proven technology of embedding a special paraffin wax into 100% plush cotton strands to assure that dust, pollen and fluff is actually lifted and removed, and not just pushed around. The Original California Car Duster has a quality, traditional, wooden handle that is 60cm long, providing great reach and grip, combined with a thick mop-head full of the special cotton strands.

This Car Duster is very popular with car show entrants and enthusiasts. To clean the duster and prepare it for another use, simply shake the mop head and you are ready to go.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Size: 40cm Head 60 cm Handle

Colour: Red

Available: Delivered or Sydney Pick Up ONLY

Speciality Brands California Car Duster
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