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P21S Gloss Enhancing Paint Cleanser

$28 .99

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P21s cleanser will gently remove very light swirl marks and pollution residues, microscopic dirt and film that get imbedded in the paint or clearcoat – without scratching.

Your cars surface will have that “glassy” feel and wax will be easier to apply and remove. Best of all, you’ll see a gloss improvement after applying that final wax coat. P21s Cleanser is simple to apply and remove, leaving no powder residue on rub out.

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Size: 350ml

Product Code: P12350B

Available: Delivered or Sydney Pick Up ONLY

Customer Reviews
  • By Joel Smith on 29.12.2012

    This product works great in putting a great deal more gloss and depth into your paintwork.
    It doesn't fill in any light swirls or light scratches like it says it will in my experience anyway.
    However I would strongly recommend this to someone who wants a perfect shine.

P21S Gloss Enhancing Paint Cleanser
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