Nanolex Paint & Alloy Protection Kit - ULTRA, 100 ml Kit

Please Note: Nanolex Ultra has now been discontinued and replaced with Nanolex Si3D Matrix Quartz Coating that offers further gloss, depth and longevity than Ultra

Nanolex Ultra Paint Sealant is a new high technology sealant / coating especially for paint to protect your car and make it easier to clean.

This super-advanced Nanotechnology is designed to coat the paint with a highly durable layer that will help repel water, dust and dirt, making it much harder for these contaminants to adhere to the car. This will also allow the car to be washed much more easily, with the weaker bonds of the dirt being broken down with just a pressure washer or pH balanced wash shampoo.

Harsh chemicals and scrubbing will no longer be required and cleaning time for your car will be dramatically reduced.

The application of Nanolex will also add intense shine to the paint surface and seal the gloss in, leaving a slick feel to the paint. This advanced chemical sealant will not wash off, it is designed to repel water, dirt, oils and other pollutants that usually stick to your paint. It will also help protect against bug splatter, bird droppings, brake dust and harmful UV radiation. Depending on driving conditions it can last up to 36 months

Both Kits contain:

1 x Nanolex Paint Surface Cleaner 250ml

1 x Nanolex Ultra Paint Sealant 50ml

1 x Microfibre Cloth for Cleaner

4 x Cotton Applicators for Sealant

1 x Microfibre Cloth for Sealant

20-40ml of Nanolex Ultra Sealant will coat a car completely, depending on the size of car.

20-40ml of Nanolex Ultra Sealant will coat a set of alloy rims completely, depending on the size of wheel.

For best results: Wash and dry the car very thoroughly first. It is also advisable to clay the paint surface prior, to remove any contamination.

Firstly spray the Nanolex Cleaner generously onto a section of the car (e.g. door or boot panel) and lightly wipe with the microfibre cloth till removed. Repeat for all sections of the car.

Next take the applicator and apply a few of drops of Nanolex Sealant, lightly wipe this over a small section of the car (e.g. half a door or quarter of the roof) ensuring 100% coverage – then take the microfibre cloth and buff off the residue to a shiny finish after minium 20 minutes of application. Allow sealant to cure for a minimum of 12 hours before driving or getting wet.

Do NOT leave the un-buffed Sealant on the paint for more than 45 minutes otherwise it will be very hard to remove. It is always easier to apply/buff off on small sections at a time.

Nanolex Paint Sealant is safe for most paint types including clear coated. It is not recommended if the paint is faded or flaking. Always try on a small section to ensure compatibility.

Following application: We recommend Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo to wash your car, this pH neutral shampoo contains some of the active ingredient of the sealant and ‘adds’ to the coating every time you wash, offering more and more protection.

Made in Germany.

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Misc: 100 ml Kit

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Customer Reviews
  • Gzhtb25t

    By Simo on 25.10.2014

    The photo speaks for itself. This Sealant makes drying your car so much easier. Rinse with a standard hose and watch the water slip off the body, leaving only a few drops behind. Easy to apply and I only used about one third of the 50ml bottle for one mid sized car.

  • Jdfzgcmp

    By Justin Marshall on 06.10.2013

    Having bought a new car, I decided to try the Nanolex sealant to protect its paintwork and wheels thereby saving a fortune over the dealer's offering. Following the instructions, it was pretty easy to apply and after the first rain, I've never seen water bead as much as this did. It has lived up to its reputation.

  • By Anthony Parfitt on 25.06.2013

    This is the first time I've attempted to apply a decent sealant myself and I chose Nanolex for its long lasting properties. Applying the sealant is very simple and the car looks superb now and beads really well. Prep your paint first as it does not conceal defects, but well worth it once it's done. Recommend the shampoo to refresh it as well, brilliant after each wash.

Nanolex Paint & Alloy Protection Kit - ULTRA
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