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The Tornado Car Cleaning Tool is a very effective and fast way to clean all interior and some exterior surfaces, especially for those hard to reach places. This high quality tool runs off your air compressor and uses a special conical shaped nozzle and rotating tip to create a vortex like action which draws dirt, dust and grime up and out of the surface you are cleaning.

The Tornado Cleaning Tool can be used to clean consoles, dashboards, air vents, headlining, carpet, floor mats, cloth seats and on the exterior for wheels, around badges and convertible tops.

The Tornado Cleaning Tool is used with a diluted all-purpose cleaner EG: Einszett Blitz. When the trigger is pulled it releases a very fine mist of cleaning solution that wets the surface, but does not saturate surfaces. As the cleaning action takes place you will see dirty liquid is released from the surface. When you think the job is done wipe with over a microfibre towel to remove the surface dirt and any excess liquid before turning the green tap, which then shuts off the cleaning solution and uses compressed air to dry the cleaned area.

A 140 Litre per minute (5 CFM) or bigger air compressor is required to run the Tornado Car Cleaning Tool, capable of producing a constant air pressure of at least 4 Bar (60psi) but do not to exceed 7.5 Bar (110 psi), we recommend 6 bar (90 psi) as ideal. Most 2.0hp with a 40litre tank will be suitable. We also recommend you fit a water trap to ensure when you flip the green switch the drying air being delivered is completely dry.

Please note this tool comes with a 12 limited manufacturers defects warranty only.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

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Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Mint ProTools Tornado Cleaning Tool
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