Mint ProTools RO Polisher DAS6-Pro, 6 inch

After great reviews in the UK and Europe the DAS-6 Pro is NOW available in Australia. Stocks in store Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and ready for delivery to your door!

The DAS-6 Pro is a Random Orbital, Variable Speed Polisher specifically designed for polishing car paint. It is powerful, easy to use and purposely designed for the serious enthusiast who wants that extra power but in a usable Random Orbital motion.

The Random Orbital or Dual Action motion of this polisher makes it ultra safe to use on all types of car paint when combined with good quality foam pads and polish. The DAS-6 Pro offers superior correction of paint defects such as swirls and scratches, compared to hand polishing and most off-the-shelf polishers or sanders.

The new extremely powerful 850W motor combined with an 8mm orbit gives effect and fast results to both serious enthusiasts and professional detailers. The Polisher comes with a D Handle, along with a Carry Bag to keep all your pads, polisher and accessories neatly in. Fitted with a trade quality 3 metre power lead and coming with a 12 month warranty, this is a professional machine that offers professional results.

The DAS-6 Pro Polisher comes with:

1 x Carry Bag to hold polisher, pads and accessories

1 x D-Handle with bolts for D handle and Allen Key

1 × 5 or 6 inch Velcro Backing Plate 5/16"-24

1 x Spare Carbon Brush for the motor

1 x Spanner to fit backing plate

User Manual

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Speed - Eccentric: 2,500 – 6,800rpm

Power: 850W - 240V

Size: 145mm backing plate to suit 6.5" pad

Weight: 2.3kg

Orbit: 8mm stroke

Backing Plate: 6 inch

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Customer Reviews
  • By Noor Dashti on 25.04.2016

    This machine worked really well for me. Being a petite girl wasn't an issue at all. was able to handle it very well at all speeds. Got great results so far!

  • By Matthew Kusel on 05.02.2014

    After using this polisher today it is is safe to say that my search for the shine is over. I was sceptical at first but the polisher is completely safe, I picked it up and it was weird at first but after an hour I started to get flawless results, goodbye swirls and goodbye hand application. If you master your technique and use quality products you will get amazing results.

    After hours wasted polishing by hand with useless consumer level products, I have now chucked away all the trash products from super cheap auto, autobarn and repco and they are now in the bottom of the bin where they belong. The people at these stores no nothing about detailing and you are wasting your time and effort.

    If you are still sceptical, I highly recommend sending an email to Pierre, the manager. He is very helpful and insightful and will point you in the right direction.


  • By Gary L on 02.02.2014

    Why didn't I get the one of these years ago? This has been my first foray into the realm of powered polishers and using it for the first time I was very cautious.

    Before I attempted to solve to holograms my car servicing workshop left on my car after washing it (after they were told not to) I polished my wife's car for sale. When she saw the results she didn't want top sell it!

    Using the Menzera pads and compounds supplied give really excellent results and I could not be happier.

    No more wasting time for hours hand buffing for me.

  • 5ghv922c

    By Haroon Ameen on 28.11.2013

    This was my first attempt at doing professional detailing. It took me a good 3-4 days to get used to the machine, figure out the right combinations and understand techniques. In the end I was very happy going with the pro version, the extra power and long cord definitely helped. I now know how DA polishers are branded as being safe. Great first machine to get started with. Came with LC pads and Menzerna polishes. I wouldn't change this setup going forward. Great Stuff. Attached a pic of my final result, was amazed at the shine and clarity I got.

Mint ProTools RO Polisher DAS6-Pro
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