Mint MWash, 500ml

Mint MWash is designed to thoroughly clean and revive microfibre cloths, towels, pads and mitts.

The delicate and complex structure of the fibres in microfibre products mean they absorb more water and faster than other fabrics. Whilst using these cloths to clean your car they absorb a lot of cleaning products, dust and dirt that needs to be released from the fibres.

Unlike some harsh laundry powders that can damage the fibres, Mint MWash will gently breakdown dirt, oil and chemicals which can become embedded deep in the fibres, removing them safely.

By washing your microfibre products correctly and regularly, they will remain soft and plush for longer, extending their life.

Mint MWash is concentrated and powerful so usually only 50ml is required for either hand or machine washing. It is also great for towelling, cotton, chamois and removing polish from foam buffing pads.

Please Note: NEVER tumble dry on hot or add fabric softener to microfibre products, this may damage the fibre design.

Size: 500ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

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After spending your hard earned dollars on some quality microfibre cloths and towels, you want them to last.

After trying a number of detergents and washes for cleaning dirty cloths, and attempting to keep the softness, this is the answer. For regular cleaning, simply put the cloths in your washing machine with a little product and wash on warm, dry your cloths naturally and then put in the dryer on cold setting for a couple of minutes, just to fluff up – and new towels again!

Customer Reviews
  • By Jacob on 13.12.2016

    Used to clean a lot of my MF cloths and buffing pads - came up much cleaner than any other product I have used. After washing and drying the MF cloths feel new

  • By David O'Brien on 16.03.2016

    Soaked half a dozen old Meguiars DA pads for only 5 minutes, the mini ones that go on the DA attachment for drills. Also soaked an Autoglym 6" polishing pad and about half a dozen foam hand applicators. All of them had plenty of caked on compound, polish and wax and they've been sitting around for about a year.
    Unbelievable results. They all look like brand new.
    Then I soaked a relatively new Autoglym MF towel I've only used once. It's the red one that came with the High Def Wax. It cleaned it just as well but I'm guessing Autoglym put too much dye in their MF because the water ended up like red ink but the towel doesn't seem to have lost any colour.

  • By Vincent C on 03.09.2015

    Dissolve buffing cloth left to sit 3 weeks immediatelly. Did not require to soak as instructed. Did the same to an applicator pad but a little bit of light scrubbing and squeezing speed up the process. Wax chunks just fall right off the fibres, incredible product. Did a final wash with normal liquid detergent. This juice works like no others.

  • By David Denyer on 22.07.2014

    One of the best products i have ever purchased.I have tried many washes but this is the best.Gets microfibre clean and very soft.Try it! it is great.

  • By Tom G on 17.06.2014

    Works effectively to clean soiled microfibre cloths. I suppliment the wash with a little white vinegar in the rinse cycle, and I only line-dry. This results in clean, fresh-smelling cloths with the fibres in excellent condition.

  • By Jason Bates on 28.11.2013

    A must to keep your towels clean and in good condition.

  • By Jason Chan on 28.11.2013

    Perfect way to clean your MF clothes and keep them at there best. Noticed them being softer and cleaner as soon as this was used.

  • By Mark on 06.11.2013

    Get it! Have tried all alternatives as I thought it was a gimmick. Trust me it's not - after using Mwash my microfiber cloths work as if they are new. Also gets tough stains out.

  • By Roland Fung on 28.08.2012

    There's nothing more soul destroying than having to clean up after a hard day's detailing. MWash is fantastic for those who want to keep their MF cloths in good nick without having to put much effort in. Simply bung them in the washing machine with MWash and you're done!

  • By Phil on 02.12.2011

    I really didn't expect much from this at first. Shouldn't washing powder be able to do the job adequately? Well I was noticing my microfiber cloths were smearing ever so slightly while removing polish. I've done one wash with the M Wash and can report the cloths feel cleaner and don't seem to smear as much.

Mint MWash
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