Mint Microfibre Glass Cloth, Single

This ultra smooth Microfibre cloth is designed for glass, it cleans glass excellently either with a glass cleaner or just with water. It is also great to keep in the car for cleaning the windscreen just on its own. Great for all glass inside and out along with mirrors, can be washed and reused time and time again.

Please note: see the drop down for VALUE bundles of cloths – the same great cloth but just at a discounted price saving you over 20% !!

To care for your microfibre products either hand wash or machine wash on warm (40-60 degrees), using a quality liquid detergent, such as Mint MWash. Never tumble dry on hot or use fabric softener. Proper care of your microfibre products should see them remain soft and last well.

Size: 40cm x 40cm

Pieces: Single

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Car Care Products Australia Review

These cloths are excellent and of the same quality as professional camera lens cleaning cloths, they are ultra soft and lint free ensuring a smear free finish

Customer Reviews
  • By Tom G on 17.06.2014

    Like other users, I did find the cloth a little grabby at first, but once moistened, it performed very well. I have used the cloth with two well-known glass cleaners, and it worked just fine with both. It left the glass sparkling clean and without smears. In particular, I was impressed with the speed of cleaning; I kept looking for smears or excess product, but it was all good!

  • By Charles Anthony on 18.03.2014

    Bought the pack of 5. Works exactly as the other 3 reviewers said. Lint free, no streak. Very happy.

  • By J Benitez on 28.11.2013

    I highly recommend this glass cloth. I use to use a typical microfiber cloth to wipe down the car window but that would leave smudge marks. But with the Mint Microfibre Glass Cloth it leaves a clear clean glass.

  • By Michael Freeney on 05.08.2013

    wasn't sure about this cloth when I first got it , seemed to grab the glass when I tried to clean it from what ive read its a problem with a lot of glass cloths , I gave it a good soak with "Mint Mwash" and gave it another go . streak free cleaning , no lint left , and no more grabbing the glass !! will definitely be buying more of these cloths !

  • By Liam Kalas on 11.06.2012

    These cloths have changed the way I think about glass cleaning forever. Gone are the days of soggy newspaper and streaky windscreens, even straight out of the packet I can get streak free windows with no effort at all. Combined with Stoners Invisible Glass, window cleaning is no longer a chore and streaky windows are a thing of the past. The 3 packs are great value and are perfect for cleaning all glass on the car.

Mint Microfibre Glass Cloth
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