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Gyeon Q2 Tire Gel

Gyeon Q2 Tire is a uniquely formulated SiO2 tyre dressing that unlike most tyre dressings, it embeds to the tyre’s surface and actually bonds to the rubber at a molecular level. This allows a more uniform finish, and minimises the risk of sling onto the car and will repel dirt and water.

Q2 Tire Gel will leave your tyres with a true deep semi-gloss finish that is not only offers UV protection but is also extremely durable; in fact results show up to a month or 5 washes before reapplication was required.

For best results:

Ensure tyres are cleaned thoroughly and dry before application. Use a small amount of Q2 Tire on a soft foam tyre applicator, and apply gently and evenly over your tyres. For a glossier finish, apply second coat within 10 minutes.

Please note; This product does not come with a trigger as pictured!

Size: 400ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

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There are so many Tyre Dressings/Gels to choose from these days, except Gyeon's Tyre Gel has a couple of differences; the only SiO2 dressing on the market which in short means that it offers more durability and protection against dirt, UV deterioration and browning of your tyres, and best of all the potential to allow you to have a high gloss finish, semi gloss or just a nice deep finish!

Take a look at some of the pictures from customer cars we have worked on for examples!

Use only a small amount of gel on a foam applicator, spread evenly over your tyres and add a little more to add a bit more gloss, or simply wipe with another cloth or applicator for a satin finish.

Customer Reviews
  • W2tpdknw

    By frank coniglio on 28.12.2015

    I cannot tell anyone how many tyre shines i have used over the years nor how much i've spent looking for one that ticks every box but this one does, this is the only one i'll ever use now, easy to work with due to no messy over spray, i just use a foam applicator pad to evenly work onto the tyre, you can do one coat for that ''matt'' finish or do two or more if you like your tyres extra glossy, and the best bit is this lasts months! yes months! not days or weeks, even after a week of full rain it didn't wash off. yet another top notch product from GYEON.

    check out the shine from just one coat!

  • By NICK SALERNI on 17.07.2015

    In my many years of detailing my cars, Ive tried tens of tyres shines and dressing. I can honestly say Tire is now one of the best of I have used. Its the perfect finish that i like and a little goes a long way compared to some others on the market. Durability is pretty awesome and still leave tyres consistent in look even after it drops off a bit

Gyeon Q2 Tire Gel
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