Einszett 1Z ColourTec Wheel Cleaner, 500 ml

1Z Einszett ColourTec Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner (colour reacting) is a highly advanced cleaner that attacks brake dust, dirt, debris and road grime. The unique deironising formula particularly attaches and removes stubborn brake dust, dissolving them into a soluble form allowing easier removal and rinsing of your wheels.

ColourTec Cleaner has been particularly designed for European and other Prestige vehicles that are known for producing excessive amount of brake dust due to softer metal brake pads and discs. Over time this brake dust causes a corrosive effect which will deteriorate the clear coat finish on your wheels.

Using this innovative iron-dissolving wheel cleaner change your wheel cleaning ways forever, because it requires little or no agitation and you can let the product do the work for you! Of course wit less agitation and better cleaning ability this means less chance of marring or damaging the wheels during the cleaning process.

This wheel cleaner is safe for all wheel types including clear coated wheels, factory wheels, 2 piece, 3 piece, alloy, custom alloy and polished alloy wheels. This also can be used on Ceramic Brakes found on such cars as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi, etc.

For best results: Firstly wash and rinse your car thoroughly. Spray 1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner on liberally over your wheels when cold. Any iron contaminants will dissolve quickly into a solution and turn into a purple colour over a short period of a few minutes. The colour will be quite noticeable but do not panic as this is indicating that your iron particles (brake dust/fall out) is in the cleaning process. For wheels that are heavily covered in excess dirt, dust and debris we do suggest agitating the dirt with a soft wheel brush. Rinse thoroughly after a few minutes with a hose or high pressure cleaner.

Note: For all wheel cleaners CCP always recommend to ensure your wheels are cold before attempting to clean. Always test products compatibility in an inconspicuous area first before use*.

Size: 500 ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Customer Reviews
  • By Christian Dempsey on 10.07.2015

    This is a great product! - I was skeptical of this product to being with, but after using it I quickly worked out that this is an easy and great way to clean your wheels!
    A+ However the product smell really gets up your nose when applying to the wheels, best to use a face mask or nose plug.

  • By Danny Rajamae on 09.01.2015

    Excellent product I have tried a few others on the market but none have really worked. I have found its best to wet the rims first doing 1 wheel at a time spray on product leave for a 10 seconds and a light scrub with wheel brush or microfiber towel brake carbon comes off with ease. even cleaned up the inside of my wheels after a few applications due to not being cleaned for a while.

  • A584zc6v

    By Cameron on 29.03.2014

    Fantastic product!
    Simple to use, just spray on your rims (Wet or Dry) and let sit for a while and watch the magic happen. When the liquid goes on, it is clear, when it is doing it's job, the liquid will turn purple. When this happens simply hose off with a strong jet of water (Preferably a Pressure Washer). And TA DA! Nice clean rims again!
    A must have for those with wheels that get dirty in a hurry from brake dust build up.

  • By mark mitchell on 04.03.2014

    did a trial run on half a rim on the mrs car today after getting colourtec wheel cleaner. I'm very impressed in it, bad odor but does a really good job and I'm glad I got it, after all my mrs loves heavy braking and buying cheap brake pads that covers the wheels in brake dust.. now she driving around with a half a wheel cleaned.. well worth getting again

  • By Andrew on 01.12.2013

    Great little product use it to clean the rims and decontaminating paint.
    Used it on rims coated with Nanolex and it didn't seem to take too much out of the sealant's longevity. If you leave the stuff on the wheels too long it can dry so I just mist it over with the pressure cleaner which then get's it going again and you can agitate it to clean

  • By Ben S on 28.11.2013

    This is one of the better wheel cleaner products that I've tried. The colour change to purple might freak you out the first time you use it, but the results are fantastic. I might have been over-spraying it, but I found I only got to spray the 4 wheels on two occasions.

  • By Garry Cullen on 28.11.2013

    I have been a fan of Wolf's Decon gel for some time but recently got to try the Einszett ColourTec instead. This product comes with its own spray bottle and works superbly, easy on, long working time and swiftly removes the built up brake dust from the alloys of a European car, highly recommended!

  • By Stephen Marley on 28.11.2013

    This stuff does what it says it does, using on GTS. Brings the wheels up fantastic after leaving for a few minutes.

  • Zk8jjw7x

    By Rob Crocker on 28.11.2013

    This stuff is so cool! Sprays on clear and it bleeds purple over time to show its working.
    Used this on my girlfriends wheels which had years of baked on brake dust and the wheels looked new after a few applications and a bit of scrubbing with a wheel brush.
    Worked even better on my (cleanish) wheels with a spray on and hose off - didnt even need to scrub. Very impressed.

Einszett 1Z ColourTec Wheel Cleaner
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