Duragloss Professional Leather System

This Duragloss Professional Leather System combines the two great Duragloss leather care products with a foam applicator pad, german leather brush and microfibre cloth to give you a quality clean and the best protection for your luxury leather interior.

Duragloss Leather Shampoo is formulated to gently clean leather surfaces without drying or removing natural oils. Containing a blend of carefully selected surfactants, mink oil, and lanolin, it removes soiling, gently opening the pores of the leather to remove ingrain dirt. It will help to prevent cracking and drying off the leather whilst cleaning and special leather extracts enhance the natural leather scent.

Duragloss Leather Conditioner is formulated with blend mink oil and lanolin to penetrate and soften leather. After cleaning your leather with Duragloss Leather Shampoo, this is the ideal treatment to replenish the natural oils and moisture lost over time or through heat damage. Duragloss Leather Conditioner will protect against cracking and reduce abrasion. It will give a natural, non-greasy treatment to both new and older leather.

Mint Leather Brush is a high quality German soft bristled brush is ideal for cleaning leather. It is the perfect size to clean all areas of your leather seats, and is especially good with those hard to clean perforated/textured leathers, massaging the dirt lightly from the grain without scuffing.

Mint Microfibre Cloth to dust and clean your leather trim with Duragloss Leather Shampoo.

Mint Foam Applicator – is a soft enough to apply your Leather Conditioner onto your seats and leather trim.

Duragloss Leather Conditioner also contains a light fragrance that enhances the aroma of leather and leaves your car’s leather looking and smelling like new.

This Duragloss Leather Kit is also safe for brand new and older vehicles with genuine and synthetic leathers, and will leave your leather seats and trim with a factory satin matte-like non-greasy finish. This also works safely and effectively on seats with perforation and coloured stitching. Duragloss Leather products will not get stuck in the perforation or discolour the stitching.

Especially suited to European makes to retain that natural leather scent, including Nappa leather.

To ensure compatability with your leather, Duragloss and CCP always recommend to try in an inconspicuous area first before use.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Pieces: 2 bottles + Applicator Pad + MF Cloth + Brush

Size: 2 x 236ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Misc: Duragloss Leather Kit

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Duragloss Leather System has everything you need to take care and leave your leather smelling natural and feeling soft.

We recommend to Shampoo & Condition your seats every 3-4 months ensuring you prevent any cracking and retaining that smooth soft feeling whilst leaving a natural leather scent back to your seats.

Duragloss Leather is safe to use on brand new cars, used cars and even classic and exotics whether they are Aussie made, Japanese, Korean, American or European!

The conditioner will leave your seats soft, supple and with a factory like 'satin' matte like finish as it left the factory. Best of all, its non greasy and will not get stuck in perforation or in stitching and cause any discolouring or whitening!

Definitely our favourite at CCP!

Customer Reviews
  • By Ian on 20.12.2015

    Applied this to my new golf. Easy to apply, smells and feels amazing. Not sure on protection as yet.

  • Mpbhtw9y

    By frank coniglio on 12.12.2015

    Picked up my duragloss professional leather system this morning and couldn't wait to get stuck into my leather seats, and wow!!! There's no other word except awesome!!! The results were impressive, really thought my seats were clean but the cleaner really pulled up all the dirt once agitated by the leather brush! And the conditioner just really compliments the hard work, looks and smells like leather should! I just had to take a happy snap of the results! Notice how dirty my cloth was after! Thanks car care products for putting this kit together!

  • Tznr9bbx

    By Amal Gunatillake on 13.11.2015

    Very happy with the quality of this kit. Was expecting the shampoo to remove a little more dirt from my leather to be honest. I guess that means they were already in pretty good condition! Love the smell and the non greasy finish the conditioner leaves. My leather really does feel, smell and look rejuvenated.

  • By Andrew Chadban on 17.07.2015

    Used this today after using Meguiars Gold Class Leather Conditioner since new on my '07 VW R32. Like chalk and cheese. The Duragloss conditioner does not leave a greasy feel to the leather. Very happy with all the duragloss products.

  • By Will on 23.09.2014

    Excellent quality, really cleaned the tan leather and did not remove any dye or colour. I used about a quarter of a bottle for each and the car is spotless, it leaves a nice matte finish similar to the factory finish. A few applications of the conditioner and my leather feels and looks like it did 13 years ago when it came out of the factory. Very impressed, the brush and the applicators are of high quality too. Would definatly recommend to anyone

  • By Luke Doran on 02.02.2013

    Just used this system on my '08 Typhoon. Leather was in quite good condition but needed a bit of a clean and softening up. It's surprising how dirty the leather can be (especially when its black).

    I found these to be great products. I used about half a bottle of shampoo and a quarter bottle of conditioner for the whole interior. I guess it depends how thirsty the leather is. I was really happy with the smell. Particularly the conditioner. As mentioned it is a very natural leather smell (not that tacky, artificial smell of a lot of other products).

Duragloss Professional Leather System
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