Duragloss Paint Protection Pack, Aquawax

This is a great combination pack from Duragloss that focuses on Paint Protection. The 601 Polish Bonding Agent prepares your paint surface well and offers a chemical bond to the 105 Total Performance Polish, which delivers amazing wet gloss finish and long term protection!

*The pack comes with everything you need to completely apply the system including a Mint Microfibre Economy Cloth, a Mint Premium Microfibre Cloth (Single Premium Cloth & Single Applicator only in Aquawax Pack) and 2 x Foam Applicator Pads and is to be applied by hand. *

Details for the individual products are:

Duragloss 601 Polish Bonding Agent is specifically formulated to significantly extend the life of synthetic polish/sealants such as Duragloss 105 Total Polish. The Polish Bonding Agent works in a similar way to an Epoxy with part A and part B, and will chemically bond when it comes into contact with durable/synthetic polishes.

Duragloss 105 Total Performance Polish is an ‘All in One’ that contains cleaning and polishing agents that will remove light oxidation, hide fine scratches and leave a protective coating. However the real benefit of this polish is the super tough coating that remains to protect your car.

Blended with synthetic polymers and waxes, which form a very long lasting coating, offering protection against bird droppings, bugs & tree sap and even alkaline detergents used by most commercial car washes. Just one coat can last over 6 months whilst giving a great shine to your paintwork.

Available with 2 Finishing Options;

Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine not only removes dust and enhances shine but also bonds to polishes and waxes increasing durability. With FCS, it will drastically enhance the gloss, depth and shine after polishing or waxing. Designed to remove dust/residue and fingermarks whilst living a wet look shine, depth of gloss and adding durability to your 105/601 paint protection combination!

Duragloss Aquawax – is specially formulated to add wax after washing, whilst your car is still wet, in one easy step. It delivers a wax gloss with synthetic durability to add extra protection over 105/601 combination giving a High Shine and ‘Wet Look’ to finish off.

Combined with top quality cloths and applicators this pack delivers you everything you need for long lasting protection on your car.

picture is for illustration purposes only, please refer to description for full contents

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Pieces: 3 Products, 2 Applicators & 1 Cloth

Misc: Aquawax

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Car Care Products Australia Review

One of the best value for money packs for paint protection out there and definitely one of our favourites here too.

Will leave the car with a very slick smooth feeling to the paint, an amazing wet, glassy looking shine and protects for 6+ months! What more do you want?

Simply apply 601 to your body work, follow with 105 directly on top. Allow to dry and wipe off! (best to apply 2 coats of 105). Finished! Safe to use on brand new cars, older cars and especially light colours!

Customer Reviews
  • By Des Woolfield on 26.04.2017

    Have used Duragloss now for a few years on several of my cars and have found it to work really well. It is really easy to apply and lasts for a reasonable amount of time. A great option if you are looking for something that is at the lower up keep end of the scale.

  • By Des Woolfield on 26.04.2017

    Have used Duragloss now for a few years on several of my cars and have found it to work really well. It is really easy to apply and lasts for a reasonable amount of time. A great option if you are looking for something that is at the lower up keep end of the scale.

  • By Dennis on 11.01.2016

    CCP@Five Dock recommended this Duragloss pack and have to report I'm very satisfied with results. I applied it to my new BMW520 and although the car is white, the finished results are great. ALthough being a new car, I also did 'clay' the car prior to using(as recommended by CCP), I'd vouch for doing that, it was amazing how much smoother and clean the paint came up. (Follow CCP's tips for detailing).

    The results were so good, I ended up doing all the families cars!! After a total of 4 cars the amount of 601 & 105 used was minimal, if I have to do it twice yearly I'd still have a few years supply left!!

  • By David Shevchenko on 28.12.2015

    Polished my 2009 Aurion for the first time yesterday and used this product. It has left a very impressive finish even though I am some what inexperianced at detailing. Would highly recomend to anyone, very easy to apply the bonding agent and the polish dries very quickly. Great product for novices....

  • By Ben Dollisson on 28.01.2015

    Absolutely love this stuff! I'm hooked on all thing Duragloss after using this pack. 601 went on easy and dried virtually clear then 2 coats of the 105 on my brand new i30 and wow!
    It has been on around a month now and I've only been able to wash it twice due to weather and the water still beads beautifully! Hope to use the Aquawax this weekend.
    Fantastic value!

  • By Jakeb Solley on 29.11.2013

    Very good value for money, this sealant was recommended by a staff member of CCP and I am wrapped with the results, although it hasn't stood the test of time yet, I am quite happy to apply this to my customers cars and hope it will stand up to its claims.

  • H962sw4a

    By James Just on 21.11.2013

    I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. I've use the 601 Polish Bonding Agent , followed by the 105 Total Performance Polish and absolutely love the finish it leaves.
    After every 2nd or 3rd wash I use the Aquawax while drying the car and the protection it leaves is outstanding. It leaves a very deep, wet look.
    I've included a pic of my girlfriend's Fiesta approx. 6 months after applying the sealant (still working very well).

  • By bryan james on 19.07.2013

    After being quoted 600+ bucks by the Ming Mole for paint protection on my new 2013 Forrester in pearl white, I thought that there has got to be a better option. and there is and this is it, easy to apply and what a fantastic result my car looks better than the day I drove it home from the dealership,

  • By Craig on 21.07.2012

    Great products. Used on a brilliant black Mazda after machine plishing and the results were excellent with a deep wet look. Water beads up well and the car seems to have stayed cleaner longer. Aqua wax product is great as a weekly top up after washing. Excellent value

  • By Euan on 06.04.2012

    Just finished using my pack, and results on my silver car are a better than new finish. Excellent products!

  • Wbxgbedr

    By Justin on 25.06.2010

    Great value. And a truly great product. Maybe there is better out there, but this surpasses my expectations, and has lasted at this stage 7 months +
    In addition, the pricing of it, is really something to marvel at. Try it.

Duragloss Paint Protection Pack
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