Dodo Juice Diamond White

Diamond White – a premium hard wax for light coloured cars

All the durability you want from a Dodo hard wax, but with none of the colour. Made with coconut oil, almond oil, pure white beeswax and micronised white carnauba. Perfect for white, silver and other light coloured cars.

This colourless but oh-so-durable hard wax is perfect for light coloured paints leaving behind a durable clear finish and outperforms other more expensive waxes in the market.

Please Note:

When using any premium carnauba based wax, it is very important that your paintwork should be prepared properly and ready to accept the wax. For this product use Dodo Juice Lime Prime or Lime Lite pre-wax cleaner before applying any Dodo Wax to achieve the very best finish and the longest lasting results possible.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Size: 250ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Car Care Products Australia Review

Some say a wax for lighter coloured cars really isn't worth it, however Dodo Juice's Light Fantastic or Diamond White Waxes say otherwise.

The finish on a metallic silver car is pretty damn amazing, in fact the finish on any light coloured car we used this on was amazing. Not only did it leave a very wet finish, the gloss and reflection was undeniably better than most other synthetic and other carnauba products out there!

Be sure to use Lime Prime Series of pre-wax cleanser before applying, as without it... you may not get the full benefits of the durability, looks and wetness from this wax!

Lime Prime Lite; Best used for cars that have no marring or wash swirls and are almost perfect or new.

Lime Prime; Best for cars that have a little marring, swirls and other marks on the paintwork. What this doesn't take out by hand you will need to consider maybe getting a DA Polisher such as the DAS6 to really get the most out of your paint and most out of your wax!

Lime Prime Plus; Used in combination with a DA or Rotary Polisher to remove medium to light swirls, holograms and marring from your paintwork.

Supernatural Micro Prime; Containing some fillers and a lot of ultra high glossing oils this will leave your paint looking slicker than before. Recommended for cars that only have the smallest of marks on the paintwork and correction isn't necessary or wanted.

Customer Reviews
  • Ehakxxz3

    By Hayden on 04.06.2017

    This is a great hard wax for light coloured cars, I have a solid white car and this puts such a depth and clarity into the paint work it's incredible. Even though a lot of people don't see the point in waxing light coloured cars this stuff makes your car look and feel incredible.

  • By Simon Mo on 01.12.2013

    This product is amazing. Long lasting and leaves the car feeling silky smooth. Gives a great depth in the paint which is sometimes hard to achive on light coloured cars. Being a hard wax it can be a little trickier to apply than the softer style wax but gives a great finish!

Dodo Juice Diamond White
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