Dodo Juice Born to be Mild Shampoo, 250ml

Only 500ml size available

Born to be Mild is a pH-neutral maintenance wash shampoo with excellent foaming properties and high lubricity to help prevent any dragging of dirt particles over the paintwork, during a hand wash. Made from only the best ingredients like all of the Dodo Juice products, this was above all, designed to be ‘wax friendly’. It leaves previously applied wax layers on the car, whilst removing only dirt and grime and leaves an amazing slickness.

Other special ingredients combat minerals and lime scale in the water, reducing the chance of watermarks and ensuring the foam last until the end of the wash. With a pleasant fruity smell, it is another bespoke formulation made in the UK and very highly concentrated to only need 2-3 capfuls diluted in a bucket of water.

Size: 250ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Car Care Products Australia Review

Born to be Mild is an amazing shampoo, producing one of the slickest finishes out there. Great for cleaning away the dirt but leaves that precious wax coating to carry on shining. Definitely the king of Wash Shampoos and highly concentrated so good value for money. One of our favourites at car care products!

Customer Reviews
  • By Andrew on 01.12.2013

    Read good reviews about this product and it's easy to see. Gentle yet able to cut through tougher longer term dirt. Feels slick even on poorly maintained paint. Leaves no water spotting after drying.

  • By Blake Edwards on 22.11.2013

    After reading all the reviews and praise on this product I thought I would give it a try. WOW now I know why. Its super concentrated meaning even though its a small bottle compared to some washes you will get PLENTY of cleans out of it. Its got a great level of lubricity and leave a great shine. Definitely the best wash I have ever used!

  • By Michael Freeney on 05.08.2013

    a lot of great reviews on this product and now I know why , best wash shampoo ive used so far , makes washing the car really easy and it suds up great ! I guess all the hype about this brand is true !! Dodo juice rocks !!!

Dodo Juice Born to be Mild Shampoo
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