Dodo Juice Born Slippy - Concentrate, 250ml Concentrate

Born Slippy is the Dodo Juice clay lube designed to perfectly lube your paintwork whilst you remove any contamination.

Regular ‘Quick Detailers’ or watered down car shampoos are usually used for the purpose of claying but these are not ideal, Born Slippy is a highly lubricous and will also enhance the cleaning process of claying at the same time.

This Born Slippy is the highly concentrated formula and needs to be diluted 10 to 1 with water.

The 250ml Bottle will make 2.5 litres of Lube, offering incredibly great value for a clay lubricant!

Simply dilute down into a spray bottle, spray onto the paintwork and clay away with the Dodo Juice Gentle Grey Clay Bar for silky smooth results

Size: 250ml Concentrate

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Further Information

ccp_clay_bar_guide.pdf, 74.5 KB

Detailing guide: How to use clay.

Car Care Products Australia Review

A quality clay lube is important to use as marring and minor scratches can be easily put in to the paintwork during claying, especially on soft and non clear coats paints. Born Slippy is perfect for the purpose and the clay glides effortlessly over your paint, it really is super-slippy… and smells great too.

Customer Reviews
  • By Melissa Traficante on 24.03.2016

    Decided to invest in a proper clay lube solution and give the normal detailer sprays i was using before the flick!
    Wow what a difference!
    Born slippy is simply that, a very slippery solution, making my clay time easy. The surface never dries anymore and the clay to paint just glides.
    Get a bottle !!

  • By Liam Jhonston on 28.11.2013

    I'd tried so many different clay lubes and was never happy before I found "Born Slippy", thankfully I won't need to try any others because this stuff does a great job!

  • By Harley R on 26.11.2013

    By far the best clay lube i have used. I like how it is a concentrate which means it doesn't take up a huge amount of room and can be mixed up when needed. Being a concentrate and making 2.5ltrs makes it a very economical product and awesome value for money. This coupled with the Dodo Juice clay makes a perfect decontamination pair.

  • By jesse middleton on 23.03.2012

    Best clay lube that I have used by a long way. Does not dry like other lubes I have used and would get about 5 clay washes through one small bottle

Dodo Juice Born Slippy - Concentrate
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