Car Care Products RO Polisher DAS6 Kit, Lake Country Pads

The famous DAS-6 Random Orbital Polisher has been combined with a set of 3-4 Pads and 3 Menzerna Polishes that will turn you into a professional in your own garage.

In this kit you get the easy to use DAS6 Random Orbital Polisher which is quickly becoming the market leader in affordable dual action polishers. It comes with a backing plate, d-handle, user manual, accessories and a quality carry bag to keep everything in.

Also included is the newest Menzerna Sampler Kit. Menzerna polishes (FG400, MC2400 & SF3500) are easy to apply and remove from the paint surface, while making it simple for even a beginner to achieve professional results. There are three levels of polishing compound to provide a smooth and glossy finish that work on all type of Korean, German, Australia, Japanese Paints including Fibreglass & Gel coats.

You then can select your choice of polishing pads:

Mint ProTools;

■ 2 × 6″ Mint ProTools Foam Pads: 1 x Polishing and 1 x Finishing

■ 2 × 6″ Mint ProTools New Microfibre Cutting Pad – European and Modern Paints.

Lake Country;

■ Mint Pro Tools Pad Conditioning Cleaning Brush

■ 3 × 6.5″ Lake Country Foam Pads 1 x Cutting + 1 x Polishing + 1 x Finishing

With the perfect combination of 3 or 4 pads, 3 polishes and a DAS6 Polisher, this kit contains all the required components to remove scratches and swirls whilst saving you up to $60 off the RRP of the total package.

Car Care Products always recommend and suggest to Clay Bar your car’s paintwork before carrying out any work to ensure that all contaminants are removed from your paint in preparation for the paint to be corrected.

Once you have carried out all the work we also recommend to protect and seal your paint with a quality Synthetic Wax or Carnauba Wax for on-going protection and that final amount of shine and depth! If you are unsure which product suits best please feel free to call or email us so we can help guide you in the right direction.

Not sure about claying, for more information and tips on how to clay – click here.

Be sure to check our How-To Section for further help and How-To Videos for further help and instructions on how to use your DAS6 or DAS6-Pro DA RO Polisher!

How to Polish your car with the DAS6-Pro RO Dual Action Polisher by Car Care Products from Car Care Products on Vimeo.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Pieces: Polisher + 3 Pads + 3 Polishes + Accessories

Misc: Lake Country Pads

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

Car Care Products Australia Review

This kit is more than the entry level kit, it combines the best brands on the market to allow enthusiasts to polish their cars more quickly and produce amazing results. The DAS6 Random Orbital (Dual Action) polishers are really safe and easy to use and when coupled with the Menzerna polishes and quality foam pads – you are guaranteed results!

Customer Reviews
  • By Mark on 19.06.2017

    Hi Car Care Products,
    Received my DAS6 today, only ordered on Friday, delivery first thing Monday, the unit looks and feels good, cant wait to get started.
    As usual the service is great, and I would highly recommend your store, its just a pity there isn't one in Adelaide yet!
    Kind Regards

  • By Thomas Caruana on 28.11.2013

    This was the first time I've ever done any corrective work to a cars paint, and all I can say is...It was bloody easy! The guys in the showroom gave me a great rundown of how the machine works and which pad/polish to use.

    I found the machine well weighted so I didn't need to push down at all. With the polishes, they work well! The first Menzerna polish gave massive results straight away. The machine does vibrate a fair bit on its higher speeds so you do need to stop for a break a few times.

    This kit brought my car back to life, the previous owner had left it in bad shape...but now the colour is really rich and deep. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I look forward to buffing another car!

  • By David Thich on 28.11.2013

    Great kit, very easy to use even though I have never polished anything and the sample kits last for a surprisingly long time. Car has never loooked better.

  • By Michael Ladhams on 23.11.2013

    Great Kit.

    As a newby to machine polishing i purchased this and i must say the results have been amazing, easy to use, safe, yet still powerful enough to achieve results.
    Anyone looking to have a go at machine polishing should start with this quality machine.

    This is a great kit and i was surprised how much polishing each bottle can do.

    Thanks again CCP for a great kit and great service

  • By OTF Detailing Canberra on 11.11.2013

    Awesome product for the money, after seeing one of these and getting a hands on demonstration at the CCP HQ in Sydney, I purchased one. After using it on 20+ customers cars it is still going strong and is yet to cease to amaze me with the results. Another top notch product.

  • By Aaron Lam on 06.11.2013

    Awesome kit! Comes with everything you need including the RO Polisher, the Menzerna compounds and your choice of a combination of pads (I opted for Menzerna). Used it to remove a paint transfer (hit and run) on the front bumper of one of cars. Cuts through the euro hard clear coat with ease and now the front bumper looks as good as new! I chose the dual action RO polisher because it possesses an oscillating motion which ensures that you don't burn through the paint with too much concentration at one particular point. Overall, it was rather easy to use and an inexpensive kit!

  • By Craig on 21.07.2012

    Awesome product! Never used a machine polisher before but after a few instructions in shop, used the DAS6 to remove swirls and scratches from a glossy black car that the previous owner had not cared for well. The Menzerna polishes were excellent and easy to use.

  • By John James on 23.06.2012

    I recieved this kit as a gift and have used it on two cars (one with clearcoat and one without) with fantastic results for minimal work. Big thankyou to CCP who had it delivered within 24hrs!
    The Menzerna polish is a quality product and I'm more than happy. The DAS6 appears to have been around for a while under various brand names and I believe thats because it is a great product that is built to last. The 3 metre cord is also convenient when moving arund the car.

  • By Stanislavas Buskovas on 25.12.2011

    Fantatsic kit! Very easy to use and makes light work of all my orbital needs. The pads and compounds are of top notch quality and work wonders on paint. Even in my first use, I had removed 99% of all swirl marks and scratches on my entire car!

Car Care Products RO Polisher DAS6 Kit
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