303 Products Aerospace Protectant, 10oz / 295ml

This is the ultimate in powerful UV protectants, providing an unparalleled sun shield on plastic, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, 303 Products has raised the industry standard. No other products work as intensely, protect as powerfully, or last as long.

303 Aerospace Protectant has a SPF of 40, the most UV protection offered by any surface protectant. It will prevent drying, cracking, and fading caused by exposure to the sun. It was originally formulated for aerospace and aviation applications, machines that come much closer to the sun than your vehicle. 303 Aerospace Protectant is the single most effective protectant on the market.

303 Aerospace Protectant also repels water and dirt, and resists stains. Treated surfaces will require less cleaning and will remain in ‘like new’ condition. It restores a sheen and finish to vinyl, rubber, plastic, acrylic, finished leather, and fiberglass.

303 Aerospace Protectant is never oily or greasy and will leave your plastics/vinyls and rubbers with a Satin Matte like Finish.

303 Aerospace Protectant is SILICONE FREE & Petroleum FREE.

Size: 10oz / 295ml

Available: Delivered or Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth

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This product is one of the most versatile and impressive I think we have! It really is the king among protectants and offers amazing results on vinyl, rubber, tyres, dash, plastics, trim and more. A little goes a long way and the natural sheen lasts for ages… with the bonus it offers a light pleasant smell and NO greasy residue or oil slick… buy some today and say goodbye to all those other products.

Works incredibly well with new modern interiors and especially European Cars as it leaves a matte/satin finish on the interior trim, giving that new car look and offering SPF40 protection at the same time.

Customer Reviews
  • By Norman (Stuart) MacAulay on 21.12.2015

    This 303 Protectant is also great for cleaning fly fishing lines, removes dirt and lubricates the line so that it easily travels through the guides

  • By Caleb on 11.02.2015

    I'll start with - the secondary effect of this protectant is the best! It's anti-static! I've used a number of protectants - Meg's, Armor-All, etc... and get depressed within the week that my dash is covered in dust. 303 Aerospace lasts me a month or two, completely dust-free! Next, it certainly keeps a good color and matte sheen throughout that month or two... If you apply it correctly.
    Which is difficult.

  • By Will on 23.09.2014

    Excellent quality, a nice matte finish with no high shine. Perfect for a black dash on a BMW. It has two spray options; a wide mist and a jet spray. I can see why it has such a good rating and excellent reviews. I think this will definatly protect my car over summer.

  • By Justin Reis on 29.11.2013

    Highly recommended. This product comes with high praise for a reason. It does a great job of rejuvenating plastic products and restores that black new looking sheen. Exterior, interior and even engine bay plastics - this is a great multi-purpose product.

  • By J Benitez on 28.11.2013

    I am new to using 303 Products Aerospace Protectant, so I cannot review its long term performance. I have only been using it for 6 months. Application is easy; I spray it on a microfibre applicator pad, wipe it on the rubber area I want protected and then wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. What I like so far about 303 Aerospace Protectant is that it does not alter the look of the rubber I want protecting. It does not add a shine like some other products.

  • By Liam Jhonston on 28.11.2013

    This stuff is great!! I use it on everything. The lawnmower, dirtbike, outdoor furniture, and of course the cars. Leaves everything clean and film free. Awesome Product.

  • By Wayne on 28.11.2013

    I have used this product for conditioning leather car seats, dash & trim inside, leather lounge and other furniture. It gives a long lasting feel and look of vibrance. I will not go back to Armorall ever again!

  • By Wilbur Palijo on 28.11.2013

    303 is great, protects well, and doesn't leave a glossy or oily film behind. I use a sponge to apply, and go once over with a clean cloth.

  • By Christian Hailazidis on 28.11.2013

    I've used this on my dash, trims and wheels. Boy does it look sexy and last long! make sure to clean any form of pre-existing dust on your console / dash before application for longer lasting results!

  • By Michael Ladhams on 19.11.2013

    The best all round vinyl cleaner./dressing. Non greasy and always leaves an even long lasting finish.

  • By Timothy Visser on 08.11.2013

    This stuff is my go-to product for dressing interior plastics. The finish makes the interior look like new, not like a shiny oil slick. The best part is the UV protection for the interior to protect it from fading and cracking in the sun. A little bit goes a long way also. Highly recommend!

  • By George Kou on 08.11.2013

    Use this on the interior of an F30 3 series. Leaves a long lasting natural finish that looks much better than factory. A small amount sprayed onto a microfibre cloth goes a long way. Can't go wrong with this.

  • By Angelo Kolokotsas on 22.07.2013

    Yep, this stuff is THE BEST.
    anything black looks like new again, brings up the interior plastics etc, like factory, beautiful. As they say, not oily etc and dust repelling qualities. Yep, this is the best stuff, get rid of all the other crap

  • By Grace on 01.02.2013

    love this product, make your black rubber and plastics looks like new again

  • By Jacek on 29.10.2012

    This stuff is amazing. Throw that greasy armourall away.

  • By Vincent C. on 07.08.2012

    Apply early this will prevent rubber and plastic parts from UV damage. UV damage happens as soon as a part is exposed to the sun and cannot be reversed unless the oxide layer is removed mechanically by sanding. 303 will block UV and reduce the rate of damage. Use it on your car, new or old. If your car paint is getting a wax protectant why not on the other parts exposed to the sun?

  • By Euan on 29.01.2012

    Believe the hype!

    I used 303 Aerospace Protectant first on all my interior plastics / vinyls etc.. and loved the result. So the next day also did all my exterior plastics and gave the interior another coat.

    The result is a "like new" finish, with no sticky residue.

  • By scott byrne on 26.08.2011

    Finally a product that works really well on interior without turning my rubbers and plastics into reflective solar flares. 303=Good. Smells nice and comes rubs in easily with no oily mess.

  • By Glenn Dawson on 16.03.2011

    One of the best all purpose cleaners you will buy. Can use it on nearly any internal surface and some external surfaces and makes it come up like new. Good dust repelling for weeks after application too!

  • By mike on 23.06.2010

    Everybody had been raving about this, so I thought I'd give it a try. AMAZING STUFF. Used it on interior and exterior parts and it brought them up like new.

303 Products Aerospace Protectant
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