Duragloss Polish Bonding Agent 236mL

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Duragloss 601 Polish Bonding Agent is specifically formulated to significantly extend the life of synthetic polish/sealants such as Duragloss 111 Clear Coat Polish and Duragloss 105 Total Polish.

The Polish Bonding Agent works in a similar way to an Epoxy with part A and part B, and will chemically bond when it comes into contact with durable/synthetic polishes.

Firstly apply Duragloss Polish Bonding Agent with an applicator pad, it removes any old wax or polish that is on the surface which will inhibit new polishes bond with the painted surface and delivering a true shine.

The Polish Bonding does not need to be removed from the surface, only applied.

The polish of your choice is then applied over the top of the PBA and the chemical bond is made. After the polish has cured, simply buff off the PBA/polish with a quality microfibre cloth, in the same way as normal, it will take no extra effort or time.

The paint is now protected by the polish and Polish Bonding Agent has potentially doubled the life of the synthetic polish!

Your car should now be looking good and feeling slick, if you really want to maximise the shine and protection top with Duragloss Fast Clean and Shine – a premium quick detailer that will bond to the polish coating, increase the shine and further extend the life of the polish.

After careful washing of your car try the Duragloss Aquawax in the drying stage to again increase the protection and shine.

Pro Tip - Blend 1 part #601 to 4 parts of either #101, 105, 111, or 501 for added durability and gloss. This will accelerates the curing process for instant bonding. Apply within 2 hours after mixing for maximum results.

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