3M Perfect-it Rubbing Compound 946mL

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3M Perfect-it Rubbing Compound is the most aggressive of the new 3-step system from 3M. This compound or heavy polish is designed to quickly and effectively remove sanding marks, scratches and oxidation. Unlike older style compounds this polish is non-gritty and smooth cutting.

3M Rubbing Compound will remove up to 1200-1500 grit sanding marks and it’s cut can be adjust by using either the Wool or Microfibre Compounding Pad for more cut or the Foam Cutting / Compounding Pad for a finer finish. Ideally this compound/polish is used after the 3M Trizact Sanding Discs which will reducing polishing time dramatically.

3M Perfect-it Rubbing Compound replaces the 3M Extra Cut Rubbing Compound.

Best results are achieved by using with a rotary or random orbital polisher. The new 3M polishes/compounds have excellent lubricating properties so do not need water to keep them working, simply work the polish by multiple passes to break down abrasives and then wipe away the thin residue with a microfibre cloth.

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