Duragloss Paint Protection Pack - Fast Clean & Shine

$79.99 $88.93
1 x Duragloss Polish Bonding Agent 236mL   + $0.00 $88.93
1 x Duragloss Total Performance Polish 473mL   + $0.00 $88.93
2 x Mint Foam Applicator Pad   + $0.00 $88.93
1 x Mint Microfibre Premium Cloth   + $0.00 $88.93
1 x Mint Microfibre Economy Cloth   + $0.00 $88.93
1 x Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine 650mL   + $0.00 $88.93
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Duragloss Paint Protection Pack - Fast Clean & Shine
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This is a great combination pack from Duragloss that focuses on Paint Protection. The 601 Polish Bonding Agent prepares your paint surface well and offers a chemical bond to the 105 Total Performance Polish, which delivers amazing wet gloss finish and long term protection!

The pack comes with everything you need to completely apply the system including a Mint Microfibre Economy Cloth, a Mint Premium Microfibre Cloth and 2 x Foam Applicator Pads and is to be applied by hand. *

Details for the individual products are:

Duragloss 601 Polish Bonding Agent is specifically formulated to significantly extend the life of synthetic polish/sealants such as Duragloss 105 Total Polish. The Polish Bonding Agent works in a similar way to an Epoxy with part A and part B, and will chemically bond when it comes into contact with durable/synthetic polishes.

Duragloss 105 Total Performance Polish is an ‘All in One’ that contains cleaning and polishing agents that will remove light oxidation, hide fine scratches and leave a protective coating. However the real benefit of this polish is the super tough coating that remains to protect your car.

Blended with synthetic polymers and waxes, which form a very long lasting coating, offering protection against bird droppings, bugs & tree sap and even alkaline detergents used by most commercial car washes. Just one coat can last over 6 months whilst giving a great shine to your paintwork.

Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine not only removes dust and enhances shine but also bonds to polishes and waxes increasing durability. With FCS, it will drastically enhance the gloss, depth and shine after polishing or waxing. Designed to remove dust/residue and fingermarks whilst living a wet look shine, depth of gloss and adding durability to your 105/601 paint protection combination!

Image NameQty
Duragloss Polish Bonding Agent 236mL1
Duragloss Total Performance Polish 473mL1
Mint Foam Applicator Pad2
Mint Microfibre Premium Cloth1
Mint Microfibre Economy Cloth1
Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine 650mL1
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