Nextzett Kristallklar Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate 250mL

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Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid is a super concentrated and extra safe windshield cleaner that provides exceptional cleaning power. It removes insects, oil, grease, and silicone to prevent dangerous glare and restore clear visibility. With its unique formula, it quickly dissolves dirt and grime from windshields and plastic headlights, ensuring optimal cleaning in seconds.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Super concentrated formula for exceptional cleaning power
  • Removes insects, oil, grease, and silicone for clear visibility
  • Dissolves dirt and grime from windshields and plastic headlights
  • 100 to 1 dilution ratio for cost-effective use
  • Helps eliminate wiper blade rattles and squeaks
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula
  • Ammonia-free, phosphate-free, and formalin-free
  • Leaves no white residue on paintwork
  • Fresh citrus scent for a pleasant cleaning experience
  • One 250ml bottle makes over 25 litres of washer fluid

Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid is the ultimate solution for exceptional windshield cleaning. It is super concentrated, allowing you to achieve powerful cleaning results with a small amount of product. This concentrated formula has the power to remove insects, oil, grease, and silicone that can cause films or dangerous glare on your windscreen.

In addition to its impressive cleaning capabilities, Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid dissolves dirt and grime from front and rear windscreens and plastic headlights in seconds, restoring clear visibility for safer driving. The 100 to 1 dilution ratio ensures cost-effective use, as one 250ml bottle of concentrate can make over 25 litres of washer fluid.

Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid goes beyond cleaning by helping to eliminate wiper blade rattles and squeaks. Its advanced formula includes lubricants that reduce wear and tear on wiper blades, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate the biodegradable and eco-friendly formula of Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid. It is ammonia-free, phosphate-free, and formalin-free, making it safe for the environment without compromising on performance. The formula leaves no white residue on paintwork, ensuring a clean and streak-free finish.

With its fresh citrus scent, Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid provides a pleasant cleaning experience every time you use it. Whether you're dealing with tough grime or simply maintaining the cleanliness of your windscreen, this washer fluid is the perfect choice.

Upgrade to Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid and experience exceptional cleaning power, improved visibility, and long-lasting performance.

Step 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid user guide. This washer fluid is super concentrated, extra safe, and provides exceptional windscreen cleaning. It is designed to remove insects, oil, grease, silicone, dirt, and grime from your windscreen, front and rear windscreens, and plastic headlights, restoring clear visibility. This user guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use the washer fluid effectively.

Step 2: Dilution

The Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid comes in a super concentrated form. Follow these steps to dilute it for use:

  1. Open the bottle of Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid.
  2. Use the inbuilt dose to measure 30ml of concentrate.
  3. Pour the 30ml concentrate into your washer reservoir.
  4. Add 3 liters of water to the reservoir.

Step 3: Usage

After diluting the washer fluid, follow these steps to use it:

  1. Ensure your vehicle's washer reservoir is filled with the diluted Nextzett Kristallklar Washer Fluid.
  2. Activate your vehicle's windshield wipers and spray the washer fluid onto the windscreen.
  3. Allow the fluid to work for a few seconds, dissolving dirt, grime, and other contaminants.
  4. Use the wipers to wipe away the dissolved residue, ensuring clear visibility.
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