Nextzett Glaspolish 200ml

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Nextzett Glaspolish is a powerful glass cleaning polish that removes bug splatter, road grime, watermarks, hard water minerals, silicone, waxes, oils, and polyurethane adhesive residue. Improves visual clarity and creates a hydrophobic effect.

For best adhesion use before applying a rain repellent such as Nextzett Glass Sealant.

Take bottle before using. Apply a small amount with a soft microfibre cloth or foam applicator sponge and clean the surface in an up and down, circular pattern until the cleaner dries to a haze.

Wipe off residue with a clean microfiber cloth. If the humidity is high, polish will take longer to dry and might require more wiping to remove all residue.

For a perfect finish, follow up by cleaning with Nextzett Windscreen Clear Glass Cleaner.

Please Note: Not to be used on plastic and plastic headlights!

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