Nextzett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner 5L

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Nextzett ColourTec Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner (colour reacting) is a highly advanced cleaner that attacks brake dust, dirt, debris and road grime. The unique deironising formula particularly attaches and removes stubborn brake dust, dissolving them into a soluble form allowing easier removal and rinsing of your wheels.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Removes tough brake dust and dirt from wheels
  • pH-balanced formula is safe for all wheel types
  • Changes color as it dissolves iron particles
  • Leaves wheels clean and shiny

Nextzett ColourTec Iron Wheel Cleaner is an advanced formula that makes it easy to clean wheels and rims. The powerful pH-balanced solution breaks down brake dust and dirt, while also dissolving iron particles that can cause discoloration and damage. As the formula works, it changes color to show you where iron particles are present, so you can see the cleaner in action. The non-acidic formula is safe for all wheel types and leaves your wheels clean, shiny, and looking like new.

This wheel cleaner is safe for all wheel types including clear coated wheels, factory wheels, 2 piece, 3 piece, alloy, custom alloy and polished alloy wheels. This also can be used on Ceramic Brakes found on such cars as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi, etc.

Not for use on powdercoated wheels.

Step 1: Prepare Your Supplies

Gather all the supplies you'll need, including Nextzett ColourTec Iron Wheel Cleaner, a microfiber towel or brush, and a hose or pressure washer.

Step 2: Rinse Your Wheels

Rinse your wheels thoroughly with water to remove any loose dirt or debris.

Step 3: Spray the Cleaner

Shake the bottle well before use. Spray Nextzett ColourTec Iron Wheel Cleaner onto the wheel surface, ensuring that all areas are covered.

Step 4: Let the Cleaner Sit

Let the cleaner sit for 3 to 5 minutes to allow it to break down and dissolve the iron particles and brake dust.

Step 5: Scrub the Wheels

Using a microfiber towel or brush, scrub the wheel surface to remove any remaining dirt or debris. For heavily soiled areas, you may need to use a more abrasive brush or pad.

Step 6: Rinse the Wheels

Rinse the wheels thoroughly with water to remove all traces of the cleaner and any remaining dirt or debris.

Step 7: Repeat as Necessary

If the wheels are still dirty or stained, repeat the process until the desired results are achieved.

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