Nextzett Air Conditioner Sanitizer - Klima-Cleaner ETU 100mL

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Nextzett Klima-Cleaner Easy to Use (ETU) is a safe, quick and effective way to permanently remove stable odours from your air condition system. This easy to use unique anti-bacterial cleaner will kill not only odours but fungi found in some air-conditioning units whilst leaving a refreshing pleasant scent throughout whole system for months. Some products only mask and hide the odour, but do not actually clean the core surface and the bad odours and smells return shortly after. The NextzettKlima Cleaner ETU actually cleans the surface of the evaporator with fungicidal and bactericidal agents, and an added odour neutraliser that instantly eliminates any nasty odours and scents, leaving clean air for months on end. How to use; close all doors & windows,. set air-conditioner vents to face-level (cabin area), fan speed maximum with ignition on, activate the sprayer and close all doors. Leave for approx. 10-15 minutes and open all doors. For heavier and more severe odours, we suggest using this together with the Nextzett Klima-Cleaner Air Conditioner Treatment. Nextzett is the new name for Einszett 1z


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