Snow Foam Lances & Snow Foam Cannons!


Snow Foam is a solution that you put into a Snow Foam Lance (Cannon) to be used in conjunction with your pressure washer (or hose), the snow foam mixture itself is a pre-foam that has been formulated to sit on your paintwork to help dissolve and lift dirt and grime. The idea is to allow it to dwell to loosen the contaminants on the paint to help prevent risk of marring or damaging the paintwork during the wash process.

Choosing the right Snow Foam is quite easy, we offer a range of different brands including the original Autobrite Magifoam which was and still one of the best foams out there however theres a few to try so see what works best for you. If you do not have a pressure washer, or where you live (apartments) you have no power, you can use our hose based Snow Foam Cannon, however we highly recommend investing in a high pressure washer system as it will not only provide a much thicker foam, but it will also help speed up your wash process.


As mentioned above, just a Snow Foam Solution of your choice and a Snow Foam Lance for your hose or high pressure system. We stock a large range to fit almost all systems including Karcher, Gerni, Bosch, Lavor, Black & Decker, Karcher HDS, M22, Quick Connect & more.


We recommend to Snow Foam the car whilst in a dry state, this stops the foam from sliding off, allows it to dwell and help dissolve contaminants, dirt, grime and debris easier. Using the snow foam whilst the car is wet will cause the foam to slide off quickly and not allow it to work as intended to. 


So you have rinsed your car, you washed using the 2 Bucket Method and car is looks amazing once again, job done! However it is important to give your snow foam lance a thorough rinse through to remove any snow foam solution that may cause build up and block your lance at a later stage. We recommend doing this after each use to ensure the longevity of your snow foam lance.