Gyeon Washes - Which one is right for your car?

Picking the correct Gyeon Wash for your car can depend on several influencing factors such as the car’s existing protection, paint condition, and contamination. Gyeon offers five washes across their range, Bathe, Bathe +, Bathe Essence, Restart Wash and PPF Wash. Whilst these are all fantastic washes, most offer additional benefits that can make a huge difference to the effectiveness and longevity of the wash.

First, we will look at Gyeon Bathe. Bathe is a pH-neutral wash that’s primarily designed to remove road grime, dirt and debris. Bathe does not have a high gloss effect like many other washes, this makes it safe on matte finishes and paint protection films. Bathe is a great entry level wash for all cars and bikes, and an ideal weekly wash for Ceramic Coated cars.

Gyeon Bathe

Next on the Gyeon lineup is Bathe+, this differs from Bathe as it is the worlds first pH-neutral SiO2 based wash. So, what does SiO2 mean? SiO2 is added protection, this not only cleans the surface, but adds gloss and hydrophobicity to last the mile in between washes. Bathe+ has a self-cleaning ability once applied, repelling water, dirt, grime and contaminants. Ideal monthly wash as a ‘booster’ for cars that have been coated.

Bathe Plus

Next you have Bathe Essence. Essence is very similar to Bathe in its cleaning properties and pH-neutral safety, however, Essence has a very high concentration, meaning one 400mL bottle can last for up to 80 washes. Much like Bathe, it offers good cleaning and is ideal for regular washes and those looking for the best value.

Bathe Essence

Restart Wash is not only an incredibly effective wash but it is designed to restore the initial properties of Ceramic Coated surfaces. Restart removes sediment and contamination that has built up on the top of the coating, reviving it back to its original state. This significantly increases the life and effectiveness of the coating, and can also be used through a Foam Lance as a pre-wash or soak. Ideal for Ceramic Coated cars that have been out in the open, and recommended for use every 2-3 months, more frequently for cars that live outside the whole time or do high kms.

Bathe Restart

Finally, we’ve got Gyeon PPF Wash. PPF Wash is pretty self-explanatory, it removes iron deposits and contamination that bonds onto Paint Protection Film, increasing the longevity and hydrophobicity of PPF. PPF Wash effectively eliminates the need to clay bar PPF and acts as a great foaming agent for a pre-wash or soak. Ideal for cars with any PPF installed on them.

PPF Wash

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