First Look: GYEON Q² QuickView

This article is written by Jeff McEachran, National Brand Manager of GYEON USA.

With the cancellation of SEMA 2020, GYEON lost it’s usual new product release stage. But not to worry, in true GYEON fashion a full digital GYEON SHOW was produced and packed full of product releases, how to segments, and global GYEON news.

One of those new products is Q² QuickView. As National Brand Manager of GYEON USA I of course know the ins and outs of GYEON well. The release of this product, for me, showed a clear and intentional jump forward for the brand. It wasn’t just a great liquid in a cool bottle (which it is), but the first time GYEON built a product from the ground up where the packaging as well as what is inside it is functional and contributes to the end result. For me, that shows tremendous growth and advancement in product development. The element that contains the liquid is also the tool that applies it. So let’s check out Q² QuickView!

As the name suggests, Q² QuickView is designed to present a fast and easy way to achieve the results of the long-running and very successful windshield coating of Q² View. And it achieves that goal fantastically.

In this product, the bottle is also the applicator. Unscrewing the top will reveal the thick felt applicator that transfers the liquid onto the glass. Q² QuickView is reusable, as the felt will not harden with time and exposure to the liquid and it can be reapplied as needed. Q² QuickView is designed as a rain repellent where the results are most seen on the windshield while driving at speed, but it can easily be applied to all glass and will repel dirt and contaminant well.

To start, prep your glass as necessary. This can be a simple glass cleaner to remove dirt and grime or go as far as clay and glass polish. The more prep we undertake, the better Q² QuickView can bond to the glass and the more performance we will see.

To apply the coating, place the bottle flat on the glass with even contact of the felt. There is no need to squeeze the bottle to release the liquid, as you do not want too much liquid build upon the glass. It will soon soak through the felt at the perfect rate.

Work the liquid into the glass in small and tight circles for even coverage at a medium-paced arm speed. Moving too fast will keep you from achieving even coverage and too slow will allow too much product to load up on the glass in one spot.

Once Q² QuickView is applied to the glass, allow it to sit for 15-20 mins. If removed too early, the product can be a bit finicky so allow it proper time to dry. I would not let it remain on the glass past an hour, but we have not had any issue removing with an hour+ dry time. I would not remove sooner than 5 mins. For us, 20 mins has been the sweet spot but that can shift with temp and humidity.

To remove, use (2) BaldWipe Microfiber Towels. Get one fully wet with warm water and ring it out as much as you can so that the towel is evenly damp but not overly wet. Use the damp towel for the first removal wipe up working a quarter of the windshield at a time and follow up with the dry towel to remove any final residue. Q² QuickView should remove very easily. If it does not, then too much product was used or removal is happening too early.

I also like to make sure the wiper blades are clean, but you do not need to apply Q² QuickView to the wipers to avoid jumping or chatter as you do with Q² View.

That’s it. Installation is very fast and easy. Clean the glass, apply Q² QuickView, wait 5-20 mins, and wipe it off with two towels. We now have an awesome rain repellent applied that will shed water and make cleaning fast and easy.

Now the next obvious question: do you choose Q² QuickView or Q² View? They are two very different products that produce a similar result. Q² View is the more robust and technical product. The bonding agent of Cleanse and applying 3 layers of Repel is really hard to beat in a windshield coating. As a professional detailer providing the windshield coating as a service or a DIY enthusiast who appreciates technical and advanced products I would go with Q² View and expect 12-18 months of performance when properly applied. If I am a DIY enthusiast who wants something fast and easy to apply in a single layer or a Professional Detailer where rain is not prominent then Q² QuickView is the answer. You should expect 6-9 months of durability, where you can apply the next layer just as easily as the first with the multi-application product. And for the best of both worlds, apply Q² View on the windshield where the heavy lifting occurs and Q² QuickView around the rest of the glass.