Do You Know Duragloss?

Superior Performance & Exceptional Value for Money

Best known for their Synthetic Sealants and Products that really work! Duragloss might not be a household name but they have been around for over 40 years and are certainly proven.

We are going to highlight just some of our customers favourite Duragloss products below with some useful applications and tips, so please read on. The bottles and design may not be cutting edge and stylish but the products inside are gold and everything in the range really works and offers great value for money.

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One of the first Spray Wax products on the market and still one of the best – the difference is this one lasts, usually 1-2 months on a daily driver. The easiest spray wax out there to use:

Wash your Car – Rinse off Suds – Spray on Aquawax – Dry your Car

Effectively you can 'wax' your car in just an extra 2 minutes more than a wash, and did we mention it also adds gloss.

This is a secret tool for most professional detailers as a booster for any base protection you already have on your car

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All Wheel Cleaner

A 'real' wheel cleaner, by this we mean not focused mostly on brake dust like the colour change iron removers. This has a great balance of power and safety – it can be used on nearly every type of wheel surface but has amazing cleaning power to dissolve brake dust, dirt, grime and other contaminants that your wheels pick up.

Always recommended on cold wheels, spray on and agitate lightly to get into all the crevices and details, rinse off = new looking wheels. Great value and Great Performance

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Leather Shampoo and Conditioner

Two separate products but normally used together in partnership to produce great results. First they work on most leathers safely, a big factor. The shampoo cleans the dirt, sweat, oils and daily grime that gets absorbed into leather off the leather with spectacular results, especially if you have black leather and think 'it is clean' a clean with this proves it is far from clean.

The Conditioner is a light milk that imparts a 'moisturiser' to the leather with some added ongoing protection – the combination of these leave the leather looking new with a nice matt surface, no shiny or oils here – just like the day it left the factory. Did we also mention the conditioner smells like new leather, now it smells like new as well.

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Polish Bonding Agent and Total Performance Polish

Durable and Gloss come together to make Duragloss and this combination is exactly that. A Synthetic Sealant that provides long term protection and gloss for your paintwork. Most waxes only last a few weeks but applying these 2 products can give you up to 12 months of water repelling gloss to make your paint shine. Super easy to apply and remove, adds great gloss to your paintwork and provides that wet-look finish.

If you do not want the complications of a coating, this synthetic sealant power house can give you the protection you want. Plus 1 bottle of each probably covers about 15 cars – amazing value for money!

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Have you seen the Duragloss Marine Products?

They took their synthetic technology and made it work really well for all types of Marine craft.