Dr. Beasley's Neutra Scent Deodoriser 350mL

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Dr. Beasley's
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Dr. Beasley’s Neutra Scent has been formulated to encapsulate malodours at a molecular level. What this means is that it will eliminate and remove the smells at the source and will not cover up the smell like many other products. Neutra-Scent itself contains no fragrance at all however will eliminate any bad smells in your home, car, boat, truck or caravan quickly and effectively. Bad odours in cars can be quite difficult to remove. Air conditioning Sanitizer’s work well but do not always remove odours that may be in your upholstery or trim at times. These offensive odours are usually caused by foods, mould, smoking, kids, pets, drinks, body sweat and body odour. We recommend to change your cabin/pollen filter annually (if applicable) and use a deodoriser such as Dr Beasley’s Neutra Scent to eliminate and remove any odours that may be still present. This spray is also handy for the in between times to avoid any build-up of bad smells throughout your car’s interior.
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