Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo

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Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is a new generation of shampoo that actually adds real protection while you wash the car. Designed to work with their range of world class sealants, the advanced formula forms a chemical and molecular bond with previously applied protective layers and refreshes them. When used on surfaces (paint, wheels or glass) that have been sealed with Nanolex Paint Protection and other modern Paint Protection Coatings, Reactivating Shampoo will lengthen their durability and increase their water beading properties significantly, in fact this shampoo also offers similar benefits to other sealants and waxes. It has been found that after using the shampoo on unprotected surfaces, washed on a regular basis, it will start to offer a protection layer of its own! Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is highly lubricating and also contains a high-tech rinsing aid that will leave your car almost dry after thorough rinsing off. This shampoo is highly concentrated, use 20-25ml of shampoo in approx. 10L of water for best results with your two-bucket wash method.
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