Nanolex Final Finish 200mL

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Nanolex Final Finish spray is the latest in the range of true German Nanotechnology Products that now offer a Nano Quick Detailing Spray that will remove light dust, finger prints and even water spots to leave you with a streak-free high gloss finish. Final Finish is silicone-free, and safe to use on all surfaces including paint, wheels, glass and plastics. Ideally used between washes to protect and add that final shine after washing your car. This pH Neutral Nanotechnology Quick Detailer will not remove your Nanolex Sealant but will add an additional thin layer of protection to the surfaces to extend the life and add more durability to your existing protection. This product was developed, tested and produced in Germany. Note: for Matte Surfaces we recommend Nanolex's Matte Final Finish Spray for matte wraps and factory matte paint.
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